• kuribayashi

    Rie KuribayashiFounder and Head of School

    Graduated University of Birmingham (MBA), UK. Have 14 years of overseas experience in Europe and Africa and have spent 18 year in children's learning and development. Speaks English, Japanese, French and Arabic which helped well while worked as an international broker at an investment firm in Morocco. CEO of the turism association (Japan's Center Point) in Matsumoto-city, Japan that aims to widen ISN network and students' leaning environment. Loves the nature that has been giving her five and seven years old boys wethly variety of outdoor activities.

  • Kevin Bellini

    Kevin BelliniAurora Homeroom Teacher

    Kevin grew up in Los Angeles and Glasgow, Scotland. He graduated from the University of Aberdeen with a BA Educational Studies. During University he taught a variety of grades in a number of different primary schools. He moved to Nagano in April 2017 and worked in an English language conversational school for two years, teaching children of all ages. He completed a TEFL qualification, receiving an A grade. In his free time, he enjoys exercising, watching rugby and eating Japanese food.

  • Ole Kenneth Nicolaysen

    Ole Kenneth NicolaysenRainbow Homeroom Teacher

    Kenneth is from Oslo, Norway. He worked with IT in Norway for about 10 years before moving to Japan. Most recently he worked as an application manager for the IT subsidiary of Norway’s biggest regional health care provider. He first visited Nagano city in 2011 and finally moved here together with his wife and toddler son in 2018.

  • Hiromi

    Hiromi AnsellRainbow/Aurora Homeroom Teacher

    Hiromi studied English at Toyama College of Foreign Language(TCFL) for 2 years.During that time, she traveled to New Zealand to study for few weeks.After she graduated TCFL, she became a teacher at an English conversation school and taught there for 5 years.She has Eiken level 2 and J-Shine English teaching certification for elementary school age students.She's married to a Canadian and they have 2 daughters. They're raising them to be bilingual.

  • Akiko

    Akiko TanakaOffice staff

    She studied Intercultural Communication in graduate school at the University of Bedfordshire, after she completed a bachelor in Education in Japan.Following that, she started teaching in public elementary and junior high schools in Nagano.She has acquired licenses in teaching, special needs education, J-Shine English teaching, and child coaching. She has also raised four children.

  • Keiko Tokutake

    Keiko TokutakeEvening Program Teacher

  • Nao Ogihara

    Nao OgiharaEvening Program Teacher

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