2 Great Unit of Inquiry lessons! (Nagano Aurora/Shooting Star August 24th-26th)

Hello Aurora and Shooting Star families!

We have had another fun week at ISN!

At the end of last week, we were lucky enough to have a field trip!


Recently we have been learning about Animals in our Unit of Inquiry lessons.

先月よりIBのレッスンではWe live with animals and we help each otherをセントラルアイディアに探究を進めています。

Our second Line of Inquiry, “Animals help us”, was the inspiration for this field trip. 

3つ目の Line of Inquiry (キーコンセプト)が“Animal help us”です。今回は実際どのように動物が人間を助けているかを目で見て、そしてお口でも体感しました(#^^#)

We had the chance to visit a local dairy farm, and learn about the cows that live there!


We took our school bus to the farm, and were greeted by several large Jersey cows.


Students learned about the daily routines of the cows, and even how much milk they can produce!


Several students also asked questions, such as do the cows drink milk!


Once we had learned a variety of facts, we had the chance to feed the cows some grass!


Everyone showed great examples of being “Principled”, one of our Learner Profiles we have been discussing recently, by feeding the cows gently and not teasing them!

牛に餌やりの際には優しく接し、いじわるはしませんよね。 みなさんIBの学習者像である“Principled”(信念を持つ人)になることが出来ましたね☆彡

Once we finished feeding the cows, we got to eat some yummy ice cream made from the cows’ milk!


We had a great time, and the students learned how the cows help humans by giving us milk, leather, meat and are sometimes used as a beast of burden!



Some facts about Jersey cows that the students learned:


The cows eat 3 meals a day, consuming around 15kg of grass, corn and malt per meal. The cows weigh an average of 500kg, and produce 15L of milk per milking. Once the cows reach 2 years of age, they are ready to become mothers.


Great job everyone!

This week, we also had another special treat!

Our 2nd Line of Inquiry is “We help animals”, which applied to our special treat.

前後しておりますが、2つ目の Line of Inquiry (キーコンセプト)が“We help animals”です。

We have been learning about pets recently – we have discussed common types of pets, but since not many students had a pet at home, we were lacking a real life example!


So, we were very lucky, and got a visit from a local family and a local dog!


We got to learn about Nana, a 2 year old female Kai that helps her owners in many ways.

ナナちゃんは中澤さんと日頃から山に入り共に猟をしている2歳の 女の子です。

We learned about her daily routine, how her owners care for her, and even learned that she is a hunting dog!


Our students asked a wide variety of questions, ranging from her swimming preferences to how high she can jump!


Everyone showed great examples of being “Caring”, another one of our Learner Profiles, when they had the chance to pet Nana, and even give her some treats!


Thank you very much Mr. and Mrs. Nakazawa, and especially Nana!


We have had some very interesting Unit of Inquiry lessons lately, everyone has enjoyed the topic thus far!

Sharing The Planetを単元にUOIのレッスンをしており、みなさんがどれほど動物好きかを再確認しました。

Thank you very much everyone, and see you again next time!