Aurora as a Team (May 18-22)

T ogether
E veryone
A chieves
M ore
(Charles H. Clark Jr.)

In every group activity, cooperation is the key to a success work. It is very important to help one another and work together to achieve good results.


This week, Aurora proved that working as a team makes beautiful things. One good example is making our own version of Rainbow fish. A big outline of fish was shown to Aurora, and their task was to make this fish as colorful as Rainbow fish which is a book that we read. This activity is related to our UOI lesson, LOI2: My favorites, discussing about their favorite color. Each student was given a scale of their favorite color and pasted it to the body of the fish. We completed this by adding shiny scales and more blue scales. Our boys and girls were very happy after seeing their big Rainbow fish. They could say, “It’s colorful!” and “It’s cute!”. This book also taught us a lesson about the importance of sharing. We learned that sharing makes ourselves and others happy and as we share, we get more friends.

今週のオーロラさんは、チームワークでとても素敵な物をたくさん作りました❤️ 一つはオーロラオリジナルのレインボーフィッシュを作りました。絵本で読んだ「レインボーフィッシュ」。この大きな色のついてないお魚に自分たちの好きな色の折り紙「ウロコ」を貼り付けてカラフルなレインボーフォッシュを作りました🐠 このアクティビティはUOIレッスンのLOI 2「私のお気に入り」に関連しています。この大きなレインボーフィッシュが完成して、オーロラのみんなはとっても喜んでいました😉 「カラフルだね!」「とっても可愛いね!」など色々なコメントが聞こえてきました👂この絵本のレインボーフィッシュは、「分かち合うことの大切さ」について書いています。シェアすることによって自分たち、そしてお友達も幸せになること、そしてお友達を増やすことができることを学びました👫👭👬

Another book that we read is entitled Elmer. Elmer is a rainbow color elephant that makes him different from all other elephants, and this made him sad and decided to cahnge his color. This book taught us to accept and love who we are, even if we are different from others because there are people who still like us despite our being different.


Aurora students are also reminded of the IB Learner Profiles that we want them to develop. For this unit, we want them to become caring, open-minded, and inquirers. These words might be unfamiliar and difficult for them to understand, so we provide pictures that best show the situations of being caring like sharing toys to friends, helping a friend after a fall and reading a book together. To be open-minded, you need to respect others. Inquirers is asking questions to learn more.

私たち(ISN)がみんなに育んでほしいIB Learner Profileもしっかり復習しています✌️ このUnitでは「思いやりのある人」「心を開く人」「探求する人」の三つにフォーカスしています。これらの単語は子供達には少し難しすぎるかもしれませんが、単語の意味する絵を見せて説明しています。例えば、思いやりのある人はおもちゃをシャアしている子供達の絵を見せたり、おもちゃで喧嘩している子供達の絵を見せて、「これはCaring?」とみんなに聞いています。心を開く人は、他人を尊敬することができる人です。探求する人はもっと学ぶために質問をすることができる人です。少し難しいですが、絵を使って説明すると、みんなは理解できたようです♬

Our craft for this week is making tulip flowers using fork and paint. We painted the grasses, dipped the fork in the paint and stamped it on the paper as flowers, and drew stems to connect the flowers and the grasses. These flowers are perfect for their bumblebees! 🌷🐝


In phonics, we created another colorful letter which is D. We colored the pictures that begin with D such as dog, dolphin, duck, and doll. Finally, we traced letter D in two strokes following the direction of the arrows. ✍👏

フォニックスではカラフルなDを完成させました👍 Dで始まる単語の絵を発音も練習しながら色を塗っていきます。🐕🐬🐥🧸 ライティングではDをなぞる練習もしました👏

In math, we are doing sequencing numbers now from 1 to 10 and practicing counting objects up to 10.


We went to the park on Monday bringing our water bottles in the backpacks for them to be able drink whenever they got thirsty especially now that we are experiencing a warmer temperature. They had fun playing with their friends using the playground structures.


Thank you for taking time in reading our blog! Have great weekend!

いつもオーロラブログを読んでいただきありがとうございます😊 それでは皆様良い週末をお過ごしくださいね❤️