Aurora Nagano: Let’s plant together!

The weather is getting warmer lately and we thought it was a great timing to teach our kids about plants. We gathered together with Shooting star kids and learned to put our plant into a container. We have the vegetables crops such as okra, mini tomatoes, cucumber and etc. After that, the kids pour the water on their plant and finally we are done! Besides that, we also water the vegetables sometimes to make sure they are not lacking of water. Now let’s hope that our vegetables will grow fruitfully in this summer.

We have started the LOI 2 and we learned more about ourselves this week. Before we started, we sang a song on “Do you like broccoli ice cream?” so that we know how to express ourselves in what we like and don’t like. We first asked our kids to think and choose their favorite foods, then they show their favorite foods to the class and say “My favorite food is _________.” They presented themselves with confidence and paste their favorite foods on the worksheet.
私たちは、今週からLOI2「自分自身と私の周りの人たち」についての学びを開始しました。今週は主に、自分自身についての探究を行いました。一回目のレッスンでは、自分たちの好きな食べ物についてです。まず、「Do you like broccoli ice cream?」をみんなで元気に歌いました🎵みんなでフレーズを練習したあと、先生が子どもたちに好きな食べ物ついて質問をしていきます。子どもたちは一人ずつクラスの前に来て、食べ物のカードの中から自分の好きな食べ物を選びます。クラスの前に立ち、「私の好きなものは、○○です。」 とクラスのみんなに伝えていきます。自分と同じものが好きなおともだち、自分とは違うものが好きなおともだちがいて…いろいろで楽しいね。自分と好きな物が同じだったり、違ったり、苦手なものが同じだったり、違ったり…この探求の流れ2では、自分自身と周りの人のことを学びながら、自分と違ってもいいんだよ、自分は違ってもいいてもいいんだよということを、子どもたちと一緒に感じていきたいと思います。

Next, about our favorite colors, we did an experiment in the lesson. We first asked our kids to tell us their 2 favorite colors, then we put the both colors into the plastic bag and mix them. By doing this, they learned that their favorite colors will become a new color when we mix them and they were surprised about the interesting color fact.

For our favorite shapes, we first learned about the English words for shapes and challenged each one of them to a game. In this game, we identify and tell the name of the shapes. This also trained our thinking skills and learning, we also learned to raise our hand before we talk. Lastly, we put our favorite colors on our favorite shape.

Since it is about us, we also learned to tried to draw our face. We first received our own photo, we looked and observed our face carefully, then we color our face according to the photo. This helped the kids to identify and know more about themselves.

The phonic lesson this week is about “D”, we have learned about the words associated with it such as dragonfly, dog, duck, dive, donkey and many more words. We also did the hands-on activity such as clay modelling on the alphabet to reinforce our learning. Aurora kids did their best in holding their pencil in writing D too! Well Done and keep up good works.
今週のフォニックスレッスンは、「D」です。「D」の音をみんなで確認し声に出して何度も発話していきます。そして、「D」から始まる単語をみんなでみていきました。「トンボ」「犬」「アヒル」「ダイビング」「ロバ」などピクチャ―カードを使いながら学びました。また、粘土を使って 「D」と「d」 作ってみました。次のレッスンでは、「D」の1日目のレビューをしたあと、「D」のなぞりの練習をしました。鉛筆を正しく持ち、ワークシートを使い「D」を丁寧にゆっくりなぞっていきます。

今月の歌🎵:「My Neighbor Totoro ”Stroll”」
今月のフレーズ🙋:「How are you? I’m fine, thank you」「How old are   you? I’m 4 years old.」