D day – RF Shimauchi 9/13

It’s finally D-Day! The day we have been anticipating in the past 3 months. The children spent a great deal of time preparing for the Sports Festival and it is finally here! They gave their all in the running race, they worked as a team when one of their friends was sick and we had to make some changes at the last minute. Despite all that, they pulled themselves together and performed the amazing Ribbon Dance! It brought tears to our eyes to see how much effort they have put in and in the end the result is beautiful. We hope you will enjoy viewing the wonderful performance when it becomes available. 


The cooler days are finally upon us! With the COVID 19 alert level gone down a notch, we are able to resume our walk to the park this week. We haven’t been walking to the park in the past 3 months, and we certainly all felt out of shape! The children cried half way through the walk, “oh, I  am tired”, or “I am hungry”. It was hilarious to see some of them dragging their feet back to school. Nonetheless, they all had a blast at the park. I am sure as the walk becomes a regular on our schedule, the children will all conquer the energy draining walk! ! 


On the way back from our walk to the park, we found something interesting. It looked like a gigantic sausage (frank)! We brought it back to cut it open and see what was inside. The children couldn’t wait to see, they gathered around the teacher’s desk. As we cut it open, we were amazed to find that the parts inside felt like cotton, but the outside had a spongy feel to it! We googled it to find that it was a plant called Cattail, it is actually edible and its pollen is actually a great source of protein! It’s fun to learn something new everyday!


This week as we conclude our Unit 2 UOI lessons, the children were divided into teams to carry out a Block Challenge of 4 different types of tasks they have done during the past few weeks. The focus of these challenges was to work as a team by using all the skills that they have learned throughout this unit. They were being graded not only on their ability to accomplish the task assigned to them, but more so on their willingness to communicate and work together to achieve the goals. We heard some really great conversation that went on during the Block Challenge. Some were asking their teammates to help when they couldn’t do the task themselves, some encouraged their teammates to keep going, while others carefully carried out their part of the task. It was amazing to see how far these children have come. Although we all know the learning does not stop when this unit ends. The children will continue to grow and develop their characters in the days to come. They will reflect and remember what they learned and hopefully apply these skills in the future challenges of how they organize themselves to play a part in a team. 


It was amazing to see how the children incorporated teamwork in their play. This is the beauty of meaningful education! The core of all learning is streamed from within the children., that they take the initiative to make plans and talk to their friends about what they can do or make together. These are just some of the precious moments that we witnessed during their free play time. These children made airplanes together out of Legos and they showcased it to their friends. The other children were filled with joy to see such marvelous teamwork that they shouted, “wow, that is great teamwork!” There is nothing more fulfilling than to see the children take what they have learned and apply it to their daily interactions!! 


Children continue to learn about grammar, with the focus on punctuations.  They learned about the period, question mark, and exclamation mark and what each stands for.. By now they are using the new format we started last week and they all got a hang of it and are beginning to show more confidence in distinguishing what type of sentence it is and what quotation marks go at the end of the sentences. 

子どもたちは引き続き、句読点に焦点を当てて文法を学んでいます。 ピリオド、クエスチョンマーク、エクスクラメーションマークについて、それぞれの意味を学びました。先週から始めた新しいフォーマットを使っていますが、みんなコツをつかんで、文の種類や文末の引用符を見分けることに自信を持ち始めています。

It was a picture perfect day for the Rainforest class to join the Canyon children for a walk to the nearby shrine. They all had such a great time together!