Doing things together is fun- Meadow (October 18th-22nd)

一緒にすることは楽しいね (10月18日から22日より)

Hello everyone,


The weather gets colder, and wearing our jackets and long sleeves is a must. We tried to keep our body warm by going outside, went walking, run around and did the morning exercise in the classroom.


We started our week, walked to the park and had fun fun there for an hour. Our little learners are good communicators, love talking most of the time. We noticed that they develop friendship and care with each other. Playing is more fun when they do the same thing together. They really enjoyed climbing up the play structures, just ran around the park, sat and talked to each other.


Our little learners enjoyed learning phonics. We are now learning letters C and D. First, the teacher introduced the letter and it’s sound and the children repeated it. Then we introduced the words that start with each letter. They participated actively and did well in pronouncing the words and were able to sort which letter the word they pronounced belong😊


Big and Small Shapes


Our little learners enjoy learning about Shapes and their sizes (Big and small)


During play time, they made shapes with blocks and showed them to the teacher saying “ It’s a square! triangle!” Even on snack time they talked with their friends the shapes of the food they eat saying “ Square cookie! circle rice cracker! square biscuit!” and compared the size, “ Big and small.

遊び時間には、子供達はブロックで形を作り 「四角!三角!」 などと言って、先生達に見せてくれました。おやつの時間でさえも、お友達と食べ物の形の話をして口々に「四角いクッキー!丸いおせんべい!四角いビスケット!」言って「大小の」大きさを比べていました。

Gym Day


We express ourselves and enjoy being free on our gym day. We did lots of movements, started from stretching, pretended to be an otter with chin up and swimming forward with their back , hopped like a frog, and jumped over the rope. They all had fun and kept their body warm😊.

体操のレッスンの日には自分自身を表現し自由になれるのを楽しんでいます。みんなまずは柔軟体操から多くの運動をしました。あごを上げて背中で前へ進み泳いでラッコの真似やカエルのように飛び跳ねてロープを超えてジャンプしたりしました。みんな楽しんで体も暖かくなりました。 😊

Practice Line Tracing


Helping children develop fine motor skills are important. As a child practices the small muscles in his hand, his movements become more controlled and precise. We prepared vertical line laminated worksheets for the children. First, we demonstrated the correct pen position tracing the line from top to bottom. After they observed it, we gave them the worksheet and we supervised them one by one one. As they practice and practice, small muscles repeat motions over and over again, those muscles remember the movement and the movements become automatic. Let’s do more practice Meadow😊

良い運動技能の発達を促すのは大切です。子供が手の細かな筋肉を動かす練習をするにつれて、動きはより統一され正確になります。子供達に垂直の線が描かれたラミネートされたワークシートを用意しました。まず、先生が上から下へ線をなぞるペンの位置を実演してみせました。それを見た後、ワークシートを渡し一人一人見守りました。練習するにつれ、細かな筋肉はその動作を繰り返し、動きを覚え、手の動きも滑らかになりました。また練習しようね。Meadowクラスのお友達 😊

Our little ones participated actively on our music class. We had a wonderful Friday😊

子供達は元気よく音楽のレッスンにも参加しました。素敵な金曜日を過ごしました 😊

These are all for this week. Have a nice weekend😊。

素敵な週末をお過ごしください。 😊