IB school / Licenced Japanese childcare professionals


ISN vision / ISNビジョン

Our vision is to empower all children with knowledge,
skills and attitudes, making the world reachable for them.

Mission Statements / ISNミッション

ISN enhances every child’s potential to live in harmony in a fast changing society.
We see education as a means of uniting people.
ISN believes every moment has a learning opportunity.
ISN encourages every student to take an active role in their education.

Teachers and Staff / 教師とISNスタッフ

With an ever developing international and multicultural society, teachers bear the responsibility to meet the demands of the future. Our teachers do not merely think of what to teach, but of how to help students learn. In order for our students to develop a positive way of structuring their learning, we employ an Inquiry based approach:

What did you see?
What would you have done differently?

ISN Program / ISNプログラム

ISN is an English immersion school. We offer counseling for all of our students on future career and educational decisions. Whether it’ be; future entrance to international schools or schools abroad, Japanese-speaking schools, future educational prospects, or entrance to other renowned institutions for future career possibilities.
ISN classrooms steer away from rigid teacher-student dynamics, and one-way information flow, to open a more conversational approach. We also allot time for our students to express their thoughts and feelings on diverse subjects. In order to create an environment in which children take responsibility for their learning, student discussions are very important.

ISN Implementation education / ISN実践的教育

Our education system has direct connections to students’ lives both now, and in the future. Gaining the skill of implementation is very important. Specifically, materializing your ambitions, learning the means by which to independently accomplish tasks, learning the basics of working and earning a living etc… Along with the IB transdisciplinary skills, we also believe the following are important;

  1. Fundamental knowledge of today’s era (English, Japanese, computer languages, what relationship each has with society etc…)
  2. Acceptance of diversity (Recognize differences and face them with open mindedness)
  3. Imagination (The ability to use creativity to make the most out of things)
  4. Communication skills (find ways to make people happy)
  5. Presentation skills (Express ideas)
  6. Discussion skills (About culture, value systems, etc.)

Learning Environment / ISN学びの環境

ISN teachers have the flexibility to revise their own teaching methods, in a way that bests accomplishes the task of raising students’ desire to learn. ISN’s learning environment is not only connected to its school, but also to society, and to the world. Because of this, both students and teachers of ISN support the society, and are striving to broaden their learning environments.
The family is ISN’s biggest supporter. Parents and guardians each have their own idea of how best to educate their children. In order to meet the expectations of parents and guardians, here at ISN we strive to listen to their ideas, and communicate as much as necessary.

The ISN education system provides the skills necessary to be aware of the always changing society and world in which we live.
Understanding the relationship between our society and the world in the past, present, and future will help our students prepare for their own futures, and help them to be successful. For students, teachers, and the region, a life that fits with the era of internationalization, an environment learning system, approach is used at ISN. In order to meet the needs of a changing society, we implement an environmental learning approach. These children stand at the starting line of their role in a worldwide society, and in order to succeed in this global task of betterment, we help them learn through this system.


Minami-Matsumoto Campus

1-2-2 Minami-Matsumoto, Matsumoto-shi, Nagano 390-083


Shimauchi Campus

7779-1 Shimauchi, Matsumoto-shi, Nagano 390-0851


Nagano Campus

Add: 2-5-6 Minami-Takada , Nagano-shi , Nagano 381-0033