IB school / Licenced Japanese childcare professionals

Rie Kuribayashi
Founder and Head of School

Graduated University of Birmingham (MBA), UK. Have 14 years of overseas experience in Europe and Africa and have spent 18 year in children’s learning and development. Speaks English, Japanese, French and Arabic which helped well while worked as an international broker at an investment firm in Morocco. CEO of the turism association (Japan’s Center Point) in Matsumoto-city, Japan that aims to widen ISN network and students’ leaning environment. Loves the nature that has been giving her five and seven years old boys wethly variety of outdoor activities.

Keiko Kagita
Japanese teacher

Keiko graduated from the Department of Education, Niigata University. She has been working in elementary schools for 15 years. During this time, she has worked as a classroom teacher, Head of Curriculum Editor of elementary school. She holds an Elementary School Teacher’s license and a Teacher’s license in Junior High and High School Social Studies.


Noriko Unohara
Japanese teacher

Noriko graduated from the Department of Education, Shinshu University.

Soichiro Arima
Japanese teacher

Soichiro Arima graduated from the faculty of Education, Nigata University. He taught English at Horigane Junior High School, Okaya-Minami High School(HS), Matsumoto-Arigasaki SH, Matsumoto-Misuzugaoka HS, and Omachi HS. He currently works at Matsumoto-Arigasaki HS as a part-time teacher. He holds broad knowlege and experience on how to help students pass high school and University entrance exams

Igor Coric
Grade4/5/6 Homeroom Teacher

Igor graduated from his hometown University of Zagreb, Croatia in 2017, completing a bachelors and masters degrees in Business and a bachelors degree in Japanese studies. While still a student, he has worked in administrative positions in city offices and in hotels in his home country, South Korea and Japan, which is when he fell in love with Nagano prefecture for the first time. He speaks fluent English and Croatian and intermediate level Japanese and Korean. He contributes communication between the school and all ISN community through his specialty, marketing via Facebook, twitter, Instagram and other social network. He is currently the homeroom teacher for the Milky Way class.


Thapelo Dube
Homeroom Teacher

Thapelo graduated from University of Johannesburg, South Africa, completing a bachelor degree in Public Management and Governance. He holds TEFL certification. His hobbies include soccer, listening to music and writing poetry. South Africa has 11 official languages, and although he is a native English speaker he also knows a few other native language from South Africa, such is iZulu and seSotho.


Grade2 Homeroom Teacher

Coming soon!

Divina Gracia E. Atienza (1)

Divina Gracia E. Atienza
Grade1 Homeroom Teacher

Coming soon!

Divina Gracia is a graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Mathematics at Batangas State University, Malvar, Batangas. She is also a graduate of Associate in Computer Science. She has received a Master’s degree in Education Management from Polytechnic University of the Philippines in December 2019.
Grace or Divine to her family and friends, has been teaching since 2006. She was a high school and grade school teacher in the Philippines for 6 years. In 2012, she moved to Jakarta, Indonesia and has worked as an IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) Information Communications Technology teacher for 2 years in an international school. Then she moved to Medan, Indonesia in 2014 and worked as an IGCSE Mathematics and ICT teacher and at the same time Mathematics and ICT Coordinator until June 2018. She moved back to Jakarta in July 2018 to teach Mathematics to Secondary students.

Ayako Ishida
Aurora Homeroom Teacher/CMT (on maternity leave)

Ayako acquired her Childcare and Kindergarten certificates in Tokyo in 2009. She worked in Childcare centers for 6 years in Nagano. Ayako traveled to Perth, Australia and studied Childcare services for 12 months. Ayako is currently working as an English teacher for ISN with students aged 2-3 years.

Marlyn Iregan

Rainbow Homeroom Teacher (Nursery)

Marlyn graduated from Manuel L. Quezon University in April 1995 with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. After graduation. She has worked in accounts and administration for 7 years in Taiwan and 2 years in Doha, Qatar. Marlyn has taught English in Vietnam in Kindergarten school for 6 months and an English Communication teacher for grade 10 and 11 including Business English. She speaks English, Tagalog, Mandarin and Vietnamese.

Aiza Morada
Meadow Homeroom Teacher (Nursery)

Aiza completed bachelor of Technical teacher education major in business technology in far Eastern polytechnic college. She took and passed a diploma in office management technology course major in legal management in Polytechnic University of Philippines. She has more than 3years of English teaching experience in elementary and secondary school, she also used to be a private tutor for 2years wherein she taught English as second language(ESL). She acquired the national certificate in bread and pastry production NCⅡ in 2016. She also attended training and seminars for “Math teacher association of the Philippines(MTAP) 2017 training for teachers”.

Hitoko Shiroya
Savanna/Shooting Star Homeroom Teacher/Event Coordinator

Hitoko graduated from the University of Northern Iowa in the United States with a Diploma of Communication speech, and a major in Communication for Masters Degree (MA). She worked for a Industrial equipment manufacturing company in Japan, and contributed in establishing the section, “Overseas’ Support Service” within the company. Hitoko holds a nursery school teacher license and a J-shine License (certified English teacher for Elementary schools in Japan.). She has been teaching English for 6 years and has been at ISN since 2013.

Fronielyn Tenerepe
Aurora Homeroom Teacher Kindergarten 1

Fronielyn earned a degree in Bachelor of Secondary Education- Major in English at Polytechnic University of the Philippines- Maragondon Campus in 2016. In the same year, she obtained National Certificate II in Tile Setting. She started working as a teacher in a private school teaching English langauge and literature at Kindergarten, Elementary, and High School until March 2018. She took and passed the license Examination for Teachers last March 2017. In a public school, she taught English Language and Arts to grade five pupils from June 2018 to March 2019. During her teaching, she attended seminars/training and acquired certificates such as MTAP 2017 Training for Teachers, District Roll Out Training on PRIMALS 2018 (Pedagogical Retooling in Mathematics, Languages, and Science), Ika- 5 na Panrehiyong Kongreso ng mga Guro sa Filipino, and 2018 International Mind Education Specialist Training: Seminar Workshop on Leadership Enhancement.

Taeko Ogasawara
Aurora Homeroom Teacher Kindergarten 1/Event Coordinator

Taeko had been living in Toronto, Canada since 2000 and moved to Japan in summer of 2017. She has spent 17 years of her life in Canada, graduated from York University with Bachelor degree along with a Geographic Information System (GIS) Certificate. After her graduation, she started working for the Canada’s largest bank/insurance company as an analyst. She had worked there for ten years until she came back to Japan in 2017. She has also taught Japanese to 4 to 5 years old Japanese/Canadian children in Canada for a few years.

Miyu Motai
Meadow Homeroom Teacher (Nursery)/Event Coordinator

Miyu studied English in Canada and U.S.A. for 2 years. She completed her certificate of TESOL (Teaching English to speakers of Other Languages) in 2008 and since 2010 Miyu has been an English teacher in Japan for students aged 2-10.


Queenie Requiero
Milkyway Homeroom Teacher Pre School 5-6 years old

Queenie was granted a full scholarship at Assumption College, where she finished her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and graduated with distinction. She has six years of experience as a preschool and grade school teacher, and half of those years were spent as a PYP teacher in an IB school.

Shizuka Tateiwa
Milkyway Homeroom Teacher/PYPC

Shizuka graduated from the Department of English Language and Literature in the Obirin Junior College (currently J. F. Oberlin University), and she has spent time studying overseas in Canada and U.S.A.. On returning to Japan, Shizuka worked for 3 and half years as a city hotel clerk. Also she was a export clerk and translator for one of the biggest industrial company in Nagano for 3 years. In addition Shizuka worked at an English conversation school as a teacher for students aged 3-12 years for 7 years and owned her own English school for 8 years. She holds a nursery school teacher license and a J-shine License (certified English teacher for Elementary schools in Japan). Shizuka is currently working as an English teacher for ISN with students aged 2-3 years.

Courtney Carroll
Savanna Homeroom Teacher Kindergarten 2/Phonics Lead

Courtney graduated from Christian Life International Bible Collage in California. She has been working with children of all ages for 8 years. During this time, she volunteered as a 5th grade teaching assistant at an elementary school. She also took many Child Development classes at her local college. She has a TESOL certificate and taught English at her previous school in Japan for 2 years.

Rieko Okamura

Rieko has studied Childcare/Elementary Education in Japan (Diploma of Primary Education in Osaka Shinai Women’s Junior College), and Childcare/Pre-school Education in Australia. She holds a Japanese Teacher’s License for Preschool and Kindergarten, Childcare CertificateⅢ (nursery certification in Australia), and a J-shine License (certified English teacher for Elementary schools in Japan). She has worked for over 10 years as a qualified teacher for Japanese nursery schools, a private international preschool in Kyoto, and a childcare center in Australia. Rieko has been at ISN as a homeroom teacher for students aged 3-4 years since 2014.

Yuko Nakajima
Head of Minami Matsumoto Office

Yuko completed for her final year of high school as an exchange student in Washington state, U.S.A.. She then went on to study economics at the Minneapolis community college and University of Minnesota. On returning to Japan, Yuko worked at an international sales department of a medical and industrial equipment manufacturer and she was in charge of the North American and Oceanian regions. She has also had one and half years experience teaching students aged 3 to 12 years at a private English school.


Grenda Yaguchi
G1 Homeroom Teacher/ Elementary assistant teacher

Grenda graduated from RIVERSIDE COLLEGE Bacolod City Philippines with the degree of Bachelor Of Science in Nursing in April 1997. After graduation, she worked in the hospital in my hometown. In 1998, she moved to HongKong and worked as a private nurse and done English tutorials to children ages 2-7years old for 3 years. In 2013, she completed her TESOL Certificate(Teaching English To Speakers Of Other Languages) in Japan. Since then, she started home teaching for kindergarten, Junior High School, and adults. In 2018, she had been an English Conversation Teacher for elementary and adults in Matsumoto. She lived for almost 17 years in Japan and can speak an intermediate level of Japanese and can read Kanji.

Atsuko Tanaka
G1 Homeroom Teacher/ Elementary supervisor

Atsuko lived in Ireland for 6 years, in those times she has cared for children aged 0 to 9 while given birth to her son in 2008. After returning to her hometown Matsumoto, she has studied Photography in Osaka Art University, and has worked in Ryokan while running an art gallery. She is also a photographer and enjoys making art.

Lance Cord
Saturday Camp Teacher

Lance completed two bachelors degrees, Geology, Federation University, and Visual Arts, Deakin University, both Victoria, Australia, further coursework was undertaken toward a bachelor degree, Biological Resource Management and two graduate diplomas: Secondary Education and Remote Sensing. Lance has worked in crop and livestock farming, national parks fire management, historical materials conservation, mineral exploration/engineering geology in gold, base metals, diamond, uranium, coal and mineral sands, all mainland states, Australia. Teaching: Conversational English, Elementary School assistant teacher and Medical School preparatory course teacher, Japan, Tokyo and Nagano, Prato, Italy.

Chisaki Maejima
Head of Shimauchi Office

Chisaki graduated from Midwestern State University in the United States with a bachelor’s degree in Business Computer Information Systems. She lived in Texas for six years. After returning from the Texas, she worked for an IT infrastructure solutions & services company in Tokyo as a help desk engineer. After that she worked at an international digital camera manufacturing company in Nagano as a secretary to the New York-based headquarters, and as a document translator.

Atsushi Yahagi
System&Curriculum Coordinator

Atsushi graduated from the Rikkyo University, Japan with a Bachlor of Arts, Sociology in 2005. He has worked in Japan and the United States as a stage manger and a professional modern dancer. Atsushi also worked as a rehabilitation training teacher at TAI Chiropractic, PLLC in the United States. He currently works in administration and public relations for ISN.

Nakako Tsuji

Nakako has acquired a degree in Integrated Technology and English literacy. She worked in management for an English conversation school in Osaka. She completed her School English Teaching license with J-Shine in 2008. Nakako has also gained experience in Childcare and is currently in charge of accounting at ISN.

Mika Jongerius
Office staff (on maternity leave)

Mika spent three years in Sydney, Australia. She went to a technical school in Sydney to study international tourism. She worked in the local area and also helped and supported many international students. After graduating from this school, she worked as an English teacher in an English language school for two years. During this time she taught students from age two to adults. She currently works in administration at Minami campus.

Shino Shimosato
EC PE teacher /
Preschool Japanese Teacher

Shino graduated from the Japan Women’s college of Physical Education. She has worked for an theme park and entertainment company and and contributed in performance section (in Disneyland) within the company for seven years. Currently she is a member of NPO Wing, offers general gymnastics lessons. She holds an Elementary School Teacher’s license and a Teacher’s license in Junior High and High School Physical Education.


Etsuko Uezato
Evening Program Teacher


Keiko Kojima
Evening Program Teacher


Noriko Kato
Evening Program Teacher


Emi Saito

Emi Saito
Evening Program Teacher


Natsumi Komatsu
Evening Program Teacher


Masayuki Hojo
Bus driver


Fujio Aoshima
Bus driver


ISN has several members of volunteers:


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