IB school / Licenced Japanese childcare professionals

Nagano Campus

Applications will be accepted from September 5th 2019


New Things to Learn and Discover (Milky Way)

This week is filled with new things to learn and discover for the Milky Way class. We have already started our […]

Tuning In – G2

今週からUOIでは新しいユニットがスタートしました!ユニット5では “Local government – Municipality”のテーマのもと、地方自治体のしくみや働き等を探求し […]

G1 – “We have a dream…”

今週からUnit5 How we organise ourselves(私たちは自分達をどう組織しているのか)が始まりました。今ユニットではTransportation (運輸)について学んでいきます。今週は運輸とはなに […]

Shooting Star/Savanna Invigorating Week!

Savanna and Shooting star classes began studying their last UOI for this year: How the world works. サバンナ、 […]

Thank you for your interest in the International School of Nagano.
ISN is an IB (International Baccalaureate) school.
At both of our campuses (Minami-Matsumoto and Shimauchi) we provide students both English and Japanese learning environments.


Minami-Matsumoto Campus

1-2-2 Minami-Matsumoto, Matsumoto-shi, Nagano 390-083


Shimauchi Campus

7779-1 Shimauchi, Matsumoto-shi, Nagano 390-0851


Nagano Campus

Add: 2-5-6 Minami-Takada , Nagano-shi , Nagano 381-0033