IB school / Licenced Japanese childcare professionals

Rie Kuribayashi
Founder and Head of School

Graduated University of Birmingham (MBA), UK. Have 14 years of overseas experience in Europe and Africa and have spent 18 year in children’s learning and development. Speaks English, Japanese, French and Arabic which helped well while worked as an international broker at an investment firm in Morocco. CEO of the turism association (Japan’s Center Point) in Matsumoto-city, Japan that aims to widen ISN network and students’ leaning environment. Loves the nature that has been giving her five and seven years old boys wethly variety of outdoor activities.

Noah Wong
Homeroom Teacher

Noah is from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  He worked as an Assistant Language Teacher(ALT) in four different schools in Nagano prefecture.  He studied BA TESL at University of HELP, Malaysia.  He is also fluent in 4 languages and loves stag beetles.

Ole Kenneth Nicolaysen
Homeroom Teacher

Kenneth is from Oslo, Norway. He worked with IT in Norway for about 10 years before moving to Japan. Most recently he worked as an application manager for the IT subsidiary of Norway’s biggest regional health care provider. He first visited Nagano city in 2011 and finally moved here together with his wife and toddler son in 2018.


Mary Rose Jareno
Homeroom Teacher

Rose is a graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English.  She is a licensed teacher in her home country, the Philippines.  She has taught English to different age groups between 2 years old and adult since 2009.  Also she has worked as an elementary, junior high school, and preschool homeroom teacher in the Philippines and in Japan, respectively.  In her more than a decade of teaching career, she has already attended different seminars and workshops related to teaching.  She lives with her husband in Nagano and hopes to be with her daughter too as soon as the situation permits.

Nao Ogihara
Homeroom Teacher

Nao graduated from Kingston International College with a certificate III and Diploma of Children’s services,  and she also graduated from International Institute of Workplace with an Advance of Children’s service in Australia.  She studied children’s services for 3 years in Perth.  Following that she has worked in the local child care centers (daycare, after school care, vacation care and family daycare) in Australia and New Zealand for 10 years.


Tomomi Saso
Rainbow Assistant Teacher

Tomomi is from Shiga.  She was in U.S.A. in au pair program for over 1 year after working at a daycare for 2 years in Japan.  She majored Social Welfare and studied Early Childhood Education at a university in Japan.  She also has a National Diploma in Hospitality Management level 5 in New Zealand and worked in the hospitality industry for over 10 years in New Zealand.

Miho Watanabe
Homeroom Teacher

Miho spent five years in New York State,U.S.A.. She went on to study business administration at Borough of Manhattan Community College in New York city. On returning to Japan, she worked at an English conversation school as a teacher for students 3-12years for about 7 years.

Yukari Suzuki
Homeroom Teacher

At the age of seventeen, Yukari began her overseas journey on the island of Bermuda. She attended the Bermuda High School for Girls as their first Japanese student. Since that time, she has explored many different cultures and languages. She graduated College Of the Desert in California where she studied early childhood education. She then spent several years gaining valuable experience working in childcare institutions and preschools across the United States, Canada and Japan.  She is raising a son now.


Kazue Ihara

Kazue Ihara
Evening Program Teacher

Kazue is from Azumino City, and majored in English as a student.  After she finished her degree, she has worked for the bank for over 19 years. She is currently obtaining a nursery teacher certification. She also does volunteering at Nagano Children’s Castle(NPO).


Kazuko Takita
Evening Program Teacher

After graduating from a junior college, Kazuko started to work as a nursery teacher at daycares.  After giving birth to and raising three children, she returned to work and she has been working with infants and toddlers for 23 years.  It’s been a great joy to watch the growth of her grandchild, born last year.


Masayo Kurita
Evening Program Teacher

Masayo is a certified nursery and kindergarten teacher. As a nursery school teacher, she was involved in the care of children between the ages of 2 and 18 at orphanages. After that, she attended graduate school to obtain her Master’s Degree in Psychology, and she had worked as a psychologist since. Currently, she participates in volunteer activities for preschool children and their parents.


Hanako Yoda
Evening Program Teacher

Hanako is from Niigata, and has worked for 18 years both there and Matsumoto as a nursery teacher. She was very happy to become involved with the children at ISN after she relocated to Nagano.

Hideo Minemura
Bus Driver

ISN has several members as volunteers:


Minami-Matsumoto Campus

1-2-2 Minami-Matsumoto, Matsumoto-shi, Nagano 390-083


Shimauchi Campus

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Nagano Campus

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