Foods We like (Meadow- September 13-17)

好きな食べ物 Meadowクラス 9月13日から17日より

Hello everyone,


We experience chilly mornings and cool nights as autumn comes. We’re glad that we can go out and have morning walks outside the campus. Our little ones love seeing plants and we talked about the change of colors as we passed by to different plants we saw. They compared the colors and noticed their differences. ” Ah, these are still green! But here are already brown!” They also enjoyed seeing butterflies as we passed by the ricefield and stopped when they saw dragonflies too. After a walk, we spent the remaining time playing in the yard. Our little ones enjoyed playing in the sandpit sharing toys with friends and concentrated on making something. They love making foods made of sand and asked the Teacher, ” What’s your order?” And they made the food as soon as they got the order and said: “Here you are!”. Some friends spent their time running around and asked the teacher to catch them.

秋が近づく度に肌寒い朝と涼しい夜を過ごしています。外に出かけスクールの外を午前中に散歩するのを楽しんでいます。子供達は植物を見たり見かけた異なる種類の植物を通り過ぎる時、葉が色付いていることについて話題にしていました。みんな色を比べたり、 「これはまだ緑色だ!」など 違いに気が付きました。また田んぼを通り過ぎた時には蝶々が飛んでいるのを見て楽しんだり、とんぼを見かけて立ち止まったりしました。スクールに戻ってからは残りの時間を園庭で遊んで過ごしました。子供達は砂場で友達と道具を遊んだり、なんかを作るのに集中していました。みんな砂で食べ物を作って先生に「ご注文は何ですか?」と聞いていました。注文を聞くとすぐにその食べ物を作り「どうぞ!」と言っていました。何人かは砂場の周りを走ったり先生に追いかけてと言ったりして過ごしました。

Foods We like


This is our second week of learning about “Foods”. We learned about the phrases “Do you like… Pizza? Yes, I do! Do you like broccoli pizza? No, I don’t! Yucky!”while the teacher showed the flashcards. We had a fun activity, making their own lunchbox. We prepared the cutout foods and the children chose their favorite ones and stuck them on their handmade lunchboxes. After that, they did the presentation in front of their friends. They were able to say the foods they have chosen.

「食べ物」について学ぶ第二週目です。先生がフラッシュカードを見せながら “Do you like… Pizza? Yes, I do! Do you like broccoli pizza? No, I don’t! Yucky!” のフレーズについて学びました。子供達は自分の弁当箱を作って楽しい工作活動をしました。切り取った食べ物を用意し、子供達は好きな物を選び、手作りの弁当箱に貼りました。その後、友達の前で発表しました。みんな自分が選んだ食べ物を言うことが出来ました。

We had fun at the Park


It’s been a while since we went to the park. The weather was good and our little ones were busy exploring around. They found some fallen fruits, played with stones, slid down the slides, and took turns riding on the spring animal rider. Looking back in the past months, we noticed that they have grown up a lot since they run fast, climbed up the play structures fast, and were able to play nicely taking turns with their peers.


Earthquake drill


We conducted an earthquake drill this week. The bell rang, The teacher announced “There’s an earthquake! Let’s hide under the table!” Without any doubt, our little learners immediately followed the instructions! When the shaking stopped we all evacuated to the parking lot covering our heads to protect ourselves from fallen objects. Our little learners did a very good job. They all paid attention listening to the demonstration on the precautions when an earthquake occurs.

今週地震を想定した避難訓練をしました。ベルが鳴り、先生が「地震だ!、テーブルの下に隠れて!」と声を掛けました。疑うこと無く、子供達は指示に従いました。揺れが収まると皆落下物から身を守るため頭を覆いながら駐車場へ避難しました。大変良くできました。みんな地震が起きた時の予防策の実演をしっかり 集中して聞いていました。

Big and small


Listening is a very important skill in everything we do. We did an activity about our lesson of recognizing big and small objects. The teacher explained well the instruction. First, we reviewed showing objects to children and asked which is big and which is small. Then, we handed to them the worksheets and asked to listen to the teacher what was being asked. They grabbed the crayon and circled the answer. Good job, Meadow class! You all have a good listening ears. They enjoyed this activity.


Next week, we will be celebrating a ” Respect for the Aged day” to honor the elderly. Our little learners did their best to make their crafts. They brought them home and are so excited to hand them to their beloved grandmas and grandpas.



Thank you for reading our blog. Have a nice weekend.