Fun Gym Class of Aurora (June 1-5)

It’s been a while since our boys and girls attended gym class and that made them so much excited for their first gym class as Aurora students.


Gym class is so important because of the physical activities that help children develop gross motor skills which involve the use of their larger muscles and enables them to walk, run, jump, climb, and balance. It’s also fun doing those physical activities!


We started up on doing some stretching exercises and danced with the music. We ran back and forth following different starting positions such as standing, lying on our belly and back. Another fun activity was copying the cat’s walk passing through the tunnels. Everybody enjoyed using hula hoops, espcially when we acted like bus drivers and used them as steering wheels! That was really fun!


In music class, Aurora students were doing good on tapping castanets! The sounds of animals such as pig, cat, sheep, rabbit, and monkey made playing castanets more exciting! They even walked, ran, froze, and swang according to the beat of the music.

ミュージックレッスンでは引き続きカスタネットの練習をしています。トントントンどなたです〜?♪と言いながら豚さんや猫さんの鳴き声でカスタネットを叩きます🐷🐱🐏🐰🐵 みんなとっても上手にカスタネットで3秒子ができるようになりました👏 始めはカスタネットをならさない時もつい鳴らしてしまっていたみんなですが、今ではみんな鳴らさずに待っていることができます!

For our UOI lessons, we finished LOI2: My favorites. Students chose their favorite dessert among jello, cake, ice cream, yogurt and pudding. They had a short group presentation telling what’s their favorite dessert. Finally, they cut their favorite foods (fruit, vegetable, dessert) and pasted them on the plate.

UOIレッスンでは、 2個目のLOI「私のお気に入り」が終わりました✌️

Last topic for LOI2 was about their favorite toy. Students brought a picture of their favorite toy and presented it to the class. Thank you dear parents for the nice pictures!

今回のアクティビティの為にご協力くださった保護者の皆様に感謝しています😊 ありがとうございました!

Letter F is our focus this week in phonics. We met Freddie Fox through a puzzle and we also found letter F on him. We colored pictures that begin with its sound like fish, flower, fan, and frog.

今週のフォニックスはアルファベットのFでした!パズルのアクティビティを通して、Freddie Fox(フレディー フォックス)に会うこともできました🦊

This time, we started to use pencil in writing. We are using a triangular pencil which tends to be a good choice for helping with penmanship and holding a pencil correctly. The pencil we are using has a face in each side (daddy, mommy, brother) which serves as their guides to properly hold the pencil by touching those faces using their daddy finger, mommy finger, and brother finger.

今回からライティングでは、鉛筆を使うことにしました。オーロラさんのみんなは、書くことやお絵かきが好きな子が多いので、いつもの年少さんのプログラムプランより、かなり早めに鉛筆を使う練習を始めようと決めました✏️ たくさん練習して進級するときにはみんな鉛筆を正しく握り、色々な文字がしっかり描けるようになってくれればいいなぁと思っています😉

On Monday, we were happy to welcome a new student and a friend that we missed. We went to the park and had fun making conversation and playing with all our friends!


That’s it for the first week of June! Thank you for reading Aurora’s blog! Have a wonderful weekend!