LET’S TALK ABOUT OURSELVES!-Canyon May 16th-20th

This week, we started our unit of inquiry 2 wherein we learned about knowing ourselves and the people around us. Our youngsters determined how to be open-minded which refers on how to respect others. We talked about being different and learned that being different from their friends is totally okay! To have further discussion regarding this topic, we cited some examples such as: being taller or smaller than others is okay, having a long or short hair is fine, even if they have a different gender– girl and boy, they can still be friends. Our little ones enjoyed listening to the story of Elmer. Elmer is an elephant who has a rainbow color skin. He got tired of being different from his friends but later on, he learned to accept himself and enjoyed being an extra ordinary elephant! In our activity, our young ones looked at the mirror to see their faces and did “My Face” activity! We identified first the parts of the face and let them draw it. Everybody was so creative and had so much fun drawing and looking their faces on the mirror and comparing them to their friends and see their differences! Well done, Canyon!✨

今週から、LOI2″自分自身と周りの人たち″について探求がスタートしました。この探求で、自分と他の人の事をより知り、みんな同じ所もあるけど違う所もある。でも違っていても良い、違う意見があっていいんだよ。【Opan-minded-心を開く人-】をIB学者像において話し合いを深めていきます。『ELMER by David Mckee/ぞうのエルマー 作)デビットー・マッキー』の本は題材にはとてもいい本です。他の象とは違いカラフルな色をしている主人公エルマー。自分だけ違っている事に悩んだエルマーは、他のゾウと同じに色になりたいとこっそり群れを抜け出します。でもその後、エルマーはこれが自分の個性なんだと気づくお話です。背が高くても低くても、髪が短くても長くても、男の子でも女の子でも良い。それでも変わらずに友達だよ。とお話をし、自分の事を知るために、子ども達に自分の顔を描いてもらいました。 時々、鏡で自分の顔を確認をし 『ぼく、鼻の穴がある。』と気が付いたり、ほっぺや顔の色を丁寧に塗る子どももいました。描けた後は、鏡で自分の顔と比べたりお友達と見せ合いっこをしたりする場面もありました。

As part of our UOI lesson, they learned how to introduce themselves to their friends by responding to the question, “what’s your name?” We practiced saying “hello, my name is _______________.”


Outside play is one of the most exciting parts of their daily routines at school! To make it more fun and interesting, we played a game called “Finding My House” using rings. This activity aims to develop student’s concentration and listening skills! We gave them 5 seconds to find their house and after that they have to move and find a new one.🏠


We also played “tug-of-war”. Two teams pull against each other at opposite ends of a rope. This game tests student’s strength, teamwork on how to connect and communicate with their friends.🏆


It was good to finally back to the gym! We missed doing various exercises like stretching, running back and forth, dancing, walking like a penguin, playing with a ball and kicking it to make a goal like a soccer player!⚽


Our little ones had a wonderful time in our Music class! They can now perfectly use a wooden castanet clapper to the tune of music!!! Aside from that, they sang Japanese songs, clapped their hands fast and slow depending on the tune while running around.🎵


Have a great weekend everyone!🧡