Merry Christmas! (Milky Way)

This is the last school week for the year 2020 and, in Milky Way class, we made sure that it will be exciting and memorable for everyone.


We are at the end of our Unit about Celebrations. After learning about the different celebrations around the world, students completed a booklet called Celebrations Planner. They wrote and illustrated here the details for the party that they want to create. The theme that they have featured in their planners were the things that they love and care about. Some of them had created celebrations about Chocolates, Fireworks, Snow, Santa Claus, Doraemon, Pikachu, Origami, and many more! Their celebrations were all unique and simply creative. They shared their Celebrations Planner with their friends, and from there we got some ideas for our Year-end Celebration, which will also serve as the culminating activity for our current unit.

今週は、「お祝い」について学んできたユニット最後の探究の週でした。色々な国のお祝いについてこれまで学んできましたが、その知識を生かしてMilky Wayのみんな一人一人が「お祝いプランナー」になり、自分たちがやってみたいパーティーの詳細を、イラストや文章を使って書き込みブックレットを作成しました。計画したいパーティーのテーマは、自分たちが好きなもの、大切にしているもので、チョコレート、花火、雪、サンタクロース、ドラえもん、ピカチュー、折り紙などユニークで想像力豊かなものばかりでした。自分たちのお祝いプランをクラスの中で発表し合い、今回のユニット最後のアセスメントでもある、クラスみんなで企画するビックイベントへのアイディアへとつなげました。

The Milky Way kids had a lot of ideas about our Year-end Celebration, but since this event falls on the 25th, the students decided to have a Christmas Party. Together as a class, we planned the details of our Christmas Celebration. We decided on the activities, as well as the symbols and decorations that we are going to include in this little event.


The class decided to have an exchange gift activity, so the kids made DIY gifts using different craft materials. We then wrapped the gifts using the Christmas wrappers that they also made. We also set up a Christmas tree poster, where the students pasted the ornaments that they have created. Then, we made our paper chain garland to use as a decoration for our classroom.


On the day of our Christmas Celebration, we all wore clothes that has Christmas colors. We started our celebration with our Christmas dancing exercise. We danced to the tune of some popular Christmas songs, and the kids enjoyed it. Then, we had our painting activity, where we painted the clay ornaments that we created last week. The kids decided to give it to their parents as a gift for Christmas Day. After that, we had some fun games and more dancing. Then, we proceeded to our exchange gift activity. We also made this activity into a game. Everyone was so appreciative of the present that they have received! Then, we had a film viewing, where the students learned the true meaning of Christmas. The kids had fun watching it because it was an animated film and the characters were all so funny. Finally, we ended our little celebration with a spy game to get our Christmas Treat bags.

クリスマスパーティーの日、クリスマスカラーの洋服を着てみんなが登園しました。さぁ、パーティーの始まりです!まずは、クリスマスソングを使ったエクササイズをしました。楽しい曲に合わせ体を動かし、みんなとっても楽しそうでした♬ 次は、以前クラフトの時間に紙粘土を使って作製した、クリスマスシンボルを象ったオーナメントに絵の具で色付けをしました。自分たちで3つの色の絵の具を選び、丁寧に色を塗りました。出来た作品はとっても素敵で、大好きまお父さん、お母さんへのクリスマスギフトにすることにしました。その後は、楽しいゲームやダンスをして、いよいよプレゼント交換の時間。輪になって座り、音楽に合わせて隣のお友達にプレゼントを渡していき、音楽が止まった時に持っていたプレゼントを最終的に受け取りました。お友達からのプレゼントをもらってみんなとっても嬉しそう!まだまだパーティーは続きます!お昼を挟んで午後は、クリスマスの本当の意味を知る短い映画を見ました。アニメーションの映画で、出てくるキャラクターたちがみんな面白くて、みんなで笑いながら観ました。最後の締めくくりは、スパイゲームをしながらクリスマスプレゼントをゲットしました!

It was a celebration to remember. Thank you for reading our blog! Stay safe and Have a Happy Holidays!