Nagano Aurora – A wondrous bus trip! (24-27 May)

Hello everyone!

It has been another exciting week here in Aurora! We had a very at the end of last week, we had our first bus trip of the year!

Bus trip!

We had planned on going to the park for our bus trip, but we got very unlucky with the weather! The weather forecast predicted rain on the bus trip day, but we still wanted to go somewhere and have fun together! What better place to go than a gym? And not just an ordinary gym either. We went to the sports arena that was used for the 1998 winter Olympics, White Ring!

The first thing everyone did when entering was look around in amazement by the vastness of the arena. They all exclaimed “It’s so big!!” and then took off running! Just look at them go!
入場してまず、私たちが驚いたのは、アリーナのその広さ、そして天井の高さです‼みんな「すごーい!!!」と絶叫!そして、走り出しました!その感動を子どもたちが体で表現してくれています。 ご覧ください🤩

We had planned a few fun activities that required a lot of movement, so we stretched out and warmed up before starting our first activity. The fun started with a circuit that had them run and jump over small obstacles, as well as crawl through a tunnel.

The fun continued with a fun game. We covered the floor with paper balls. The teacher was holding a string attached to a cardboard box. The goal? Simple! Chase the teacher, and throw as many balls into the box! The teacher was chased by many scary kids trying to catch him, and he was no match for their speed and ferocity!

After another drink break, we got ready for another fun game. This time we played a game of “Catch the tail”. We attached some cute tails to the back of our pants, and explained the rules. The rules are simple, the goal is to catch your friends’ tails! Everyone ran with all their energy and tried their best to protect their own tails while taking the others’.

Everyone was good and tired when we took the bus back to the school, but they were still excited about our special lunch. A big thank you to all the parents for preparing such wonderful lunch boxes for your children! When we got back to the school, we had a nice indoor picnic and ate our lunch boxes together.
帰りのバスの中では、疲れて眠ってしまうお友達もいれば、まだまだ元気いっぱいなお友達もいました。そして、スクールに着くと、何よりも一番オーロラのみんなが楽しみにしていたお弁当の時間です。「お弁当はいつ食べるの?」「お弁当はまだ?」とこの時間をずっと楽しみにしていたみんな☺ 素敵な室内ピクニックをして、みんなで一緒にお弁当を食べました。


UOI lessons (We can be the same and different)

It’s almost the end of our second line of inquiry, “The things I like may be different from our friends”.
This lesson we had a show and tell, where everyone presented their favorite toy at home to their friends. Again, thank you for bringing a picture of everyone’s favorite toy to school!

Standing up and speaking in front of everyone is scary, but it’s an important tool for helping the students’ communication skills and build their self-esteem. Even though it’s scary, our brave students did their best telling their friends “My favorite toy is _

We used the pictures we took of the students holding their favorite toy to continue with our scissor practice! This time the cute was a little more complicated. Instead of a series of single line cuts, they had to cut out their picture. We carefully cut out the picture together with a teacher supervising and helping.

Phonics and writing practice

This week’s letter is F!

This week we had a special letter hunt around the campus. Before the hunt, we took a look at different flashcards with words starting with the letter. We also took a closer look at the word “FOX”, spelling it out phonetically. The teacher explained to the kids that there were over 10 letters F around the 1st floor. They could be anywhere, so it’s important to look carefully to find them all.
When they find a letter, they were instructed to say “I found the letter F”.

They all ran around full of energy saying «I found the letter F! I found the letter F!!” to each other. Of course, they were able to find all the hidden letters!

Monthly song (Stroll)

As many of you are aware already, this monthly song has been “Stroll” from the movie “My neighbor Totoro”. Every day we have been singing the first verse of the song 3 times. First, we sing it together without any music. The teacher sings the lyrics slowly and clearly, so that it’s easier to remember. Next, we sing it together with the music. Finally, we sing it while dancing to the music. The song has been a big favorite, and we get many requests to sing it during our afternoon circle time!
We used this version of the song, and using these lyrics:
今月の歌は、 ご存じの方がほとんどだと思いますが、 映画「となりのトトロ」の「散歩」です。子どもたちは、この歌も大好きで、元気いっぱいに毎日この歌を歌って踊っています。

Please enjoy this video of our singing and dancing!

Gym lesson

Everyone had a blast in another fun gym lesson this week. We always start our lesson by stretching our bodies and warming up. Its a little more challenging than our rainbow days, but everyone is doing a good job keeping up! We used the mat to roll across it in a few different ways. Everyone’s favorite activity, the trampoline, made it`s return again this week. Much to everyone’s delight!

Swimming lesson

If there is one thing that we all can agree on, is that everyone loves going to the pool!
This time, we started our walk across the platform with the alligator walk. After a few rounds, we made a gap in the middle of the platforms, that they had to glide over in the water.
Finally, we made a water slide using the platforms. At the end of the slide, they had to float on their backs with the teachers help before leaving the pool.


It seems like the weather is changing almost everyday now. Which is a great chance to learn and talk about the weather, but not the most ideal for playing outside. However, we have been able to have a lot of fun at the park together this week too. We have also been able to play inside on those rainy days.

Thank you so much for reading, and see you again next week!