Nagano Aurora – Reviewing what we have learned (21-25 June)

Hello everyone!

It has been another fun week here in Aurora. We finished our unit 1 lesson last week, and did our summative assessment this this week. We also had another lively swimming lesson!

UOI (We can be the same and different)

This we have been having summative assessment to end the unit. For this unit’s assessment, we are having interview with the kids. One teacher and one student sit down together and talk about what we have done, and what we have learned. We look through all the work they have done during the unit. The teacher will help the students with leading questions, if they are unbale to make any comments by themselves.

The purpose of a summative assessment is to find out how much each student have learned, and to what extend they can grasp the central idea, and our lines of inquiry.

Phonics and writing practice

This week’s letter is «J».

For our phonics lesson this week, we took a look at some flashcards of words starting with “J”. We highlighted the word “JAM”, and tried to read it out phonetically together. If you write this word at home, can they remember how to read it? Please try it if you have the time! 😊
We also made our rainbow letter, by coloring the letter “J” with many colors. This time, they were also asked to draw something starting with the letter J. Like a jellyfish.
また、私たちはワークシートの大きな「J」をレインボーカラーになるまでクレヨンを使って、何度も「J」を書いていきました。そして今回は、習った「J」から始まる単語(たとえば、クラゲ ”jellyfish”のような)の絵をどれか一つ描いてみることにしました。

As always, we continue to trace this week’s letter, so that they can get a feel of how to write it. I can’t wait to see them starting without the tracing lines!

I have posted a couple videos below for those that want a little more learning on the weekend!

Gym lesson

We another fun and energetic gym lesson this week. After stretching and warming up, we moved on to our exercises on the mat. First, we rolled across the mat, keeping our bodies straight as we rolled. Next, we introduced a new exercise! We started practicing a forward roll. The teacher first showed them a good and bad example on how to roll safely. They tried their best to follow the instructions so that they could do a nice forward roll. Finally, we used the trampoline. The kids had to jump 2 times, and then stop. How did everyone do?? Please watch the video highlight below from this week’s gym lesson!

Sports festival is almost here!

With the sports festival only being two weeks away now, it’s time to get ready! This week, we took a trip to the gym where we will hold the event. We took the bus together with the older class, so the bus trip was very lively! At the venue we talked about what we are going to do, and practiced some of the activities. They are all very excitた。show all their mommies and daddies what they can do!

Thank you for reading, and see you again next week!