Nagano Aurora – Treat others as you would like others to treat you (31 May-3 June)

Hello everyone!
Welcome back to Aurora’s blog! This week, we finished our second LOI, and introduced our third one. We had fun at the park, used our energy in our gym lesson and had a very special open day! Thank you to everyone who joined us to help plant our, soon to be, yummy vegetables!

UOI (We can be the same and different)

We have been talking a lot about our favorites, likes and dislikes during our second LOI, “The things we like may be different from my friends”. This week, we finished the LOI by having the students interview each other in pairs. This is not only a good activity for the kids to learn, but also a good way for the teacher to assess how much of the lesson they understand. Everyone learns at different speeds, so it`s important that we give everyone a chance to show their development and improved over the last couple of months. I am really proud of all our Aurora students for trying their best every day and creating a fun environment for learning and playing!

The students paired up and sat down with their teacher in a different room. They got a worksheet with a list of colors, shapes, toys and dessert. To the best of their ability, they asked each other about their favorites. One student asked “What’s your favorite color?”, to which the other answered “My favorite color is ___” or “I like ___”. They then used a black crayon to circle their favorites on the worksheet.

After all the questions had been asked and answered, we compared the two students’ favorites. Do you like the same things? Do you like different things? After a short comparison and discussion, we concluded by saying things like, “We like the same” or “We like different ___”.

We followed this up by presenting our results in front of the class in our next lesson. The pairs came up in front of everyone with their worksheet. We then asked them and the class if they like the same or different things. The students sitting down was also asked to check their own result so they could compare with their own likes and dislikes.

We also started our next, and final, LOI (It`s ok to be different). For this LOI we will be focusing on being caring and considerate of the feelings of others. We began the lesson by introducing the topic and talking about what it means. We then read “The Rainbow fish” book for them again, and discussed the story afterwards.

And finally, we did a role play of the rainbow fish story. Two kids played the role of the rainbow fish. They had rainbow fish masks and some beautiful scales. The rest of the students played the other fish from the story. They asked the rainbow fish “Can I have a beautiful scale, please?”, to which the rainbow fish would refuse. The teacher then asked them how that made them feel. After everyone had a chance to express their feelings, we did it one more time. However, this time the rainbow fish would give them the scales. Again, the teacher would ask them how that made them feel.

The learner profile we have been focusing on for this unit has been being caring and open minded. This activity and story focus heavy on the importance of sharing and being caring towards one another. They learn how their actions can make others feel sad or happy, and that we should always treat others how we want others to treat us!

Gym lesson

We introduced a new exercise in this week’s gym lesson. The kids curled up in a ball, and were instructed to rock back and forth in the position. We also continued our rolling exercises across the mat, and finished the lesson by jumping on the trampoline.

Music lesson

We had another fun music lesson this week. The teacher had a special activity for the kids. We put down a few blue ropes in the line on the floor. The kids would then walk across them together trying their best to balance on it.

For the first time, we used a metronome! The kids were very excited about the new tool! The teacher introduced the metronome and explained how to use it. We were going to say the names of the fruit in rhythm the to metronome. We tried a normal tempo, and then a slighter faster tempo. Everyone did a good job! See for yourself below!

Planting vegetables!

For our open school day, we decided to plant some school vegetable together with all you parents and out wonderful students.
First, we have to send our biggest thank you to one of our lovely parents for helping arrange and leading everyone during the event! We were also happy that so many had the chance to participate. I could really see how much fun all the kids had!


This week’s letter is G!

We had another letter hunt around the school. We always start the phonics lessons by talking about the sound of the letter. We then look at some flashcards of things that starts with the letter. We also highlight a 3-letter word and phonetically sound it out together. This week we spelled out and read the word “GAP”. The hunt was another successful (and loud!) hunt! We found all the hidden letters around in the different classrooms.


We brought with us a bubble wand to the park this week! Of course, all the kids were extremely excited! The teacher made the bubbles, while all the kids tried to catch the bubbles. When it was time to go back to the school, they still had energy left and wanted to keep going!

Thank you for reading, and see you again next week!