Nagano Rainbow – Week full of fun and movement (05-08 October)

Hello everyone! We have had a very special week since our last blog entry.
We had a very fun bus trip to the park performed an emergency drill, and continued our swimming lesson.

Bus trip

Our excitable students were already full of energy before we left for the bus.
The spirits were high in the bus, and you could hear them talk, laugh or sing all the way to the park.
Once we got off the bus, we used our walking rope to walk nicely together to the park.
Before we started to play, we sat down and had a drink and snack together.
Now they were ready to play! There is no doubt that our Rainbow kids love to play and challenge their bodies outside.

When we got back to school, we had a very special lunch together.
Everyone brought lunch boxes from home! And, of course, they were very excited to show everyone what their lovely families had prepared for them. Thank you Rainbow families for making such lovely lunches for our brave explorers.


We had a lot of fun playing at the park this week!
We make sure to walk safely together to the park while holding the rope. If a car is coming everyone stops nicely, and waits until it has passed.
One of the kid’s favorite activities at the park is chasing their teacher while pretending to be scary little monsters! Of course, they also like to be chased by a scary teacher monster too!

Gym lesson

In this week’s gym lesson, we continued to practice balancing by using the mat to perform various exercise. Exercises like: balancing on the rope, walking backwards, jumping across and doing a spider walk.

However, this week, we also started using a pull-up bar to test our strength!
Whenever I ask anyone of our brave kids if they are strong, the reply is always: “I’m strong!”
They did their best to hold on to the bar!

Swimming lesson

Everyone was excited to return to the pool for our swimming lesson.
This week, we introduced a couple of new fun and challenging activities to the kids.
The first new activity had the kids use a float in the water to ferry a ball across the pool.
For the other fun activity, we used some pool noodles. The teacher held one pool noodle on each side of their body. The kids then held on to the pool noodle in front of the teacher, forming a small train!

Thank you for reading, and see you again next week!