Nagano Shooting Star, Milky Way: Plants Breathe, Too! (Jan. 17th-21st, 2022)

Last week, we talked about living things in the environment. And in order for us to understand what living things are, we talked about their five characteristics as living things. One of them was living things breathe. We got really confused when we were told that plants breath, too!

先週、私たちの身の周りにある”Living Things”(生きているもの)の話をしました。そして今週は理解を深めるために、Living Thingsの5つの特徴(息をしているか等)について探究しました。植物も息をしていることに皆さん驚いた様子でした👀

How can plants breathe? They don’t have noses like us.

植物はどうやって息をしているの❓ 私たちの様に鼻はついてないよね❓

We were told that plants can breathe too by using their microscopic holes in their leaves. So to find out if they really have holes, called stomata, we put two leaves, real and fake, under a digital microscope. We examined both leaves if they had holes in them. The first one had its stomata that helps it breathe, making it a living thing. However, we found out that the second one was fake and it was a non-living thing.

植物は葉っぱのとーっても小さな穴を使って呼吸できると教わりました。その小さな穴(気孔)を実際に目で確かめるためデジタル顕微鏡で葉と人工芝を比べてみました。気孔を使って呼吸する葉っぱはLiving Thing、そして次に見た人工芝の表面はツルツル=No Living Thingですね😉

On Monday, our parents watched us as we played a guessing game where we had to draw a piece of paper with a picture of living or non-living thing on it. We worked with our partner and asked each other if the object we drew from the cup could breathe, move, grow, reproduce, and needed food and water. We are proud to say that we did it! We were able to guess the picture.

月曜日、Zoomの参観日がありました。お友達とペアになりLiving Thingsもしくは、No Living ThingsのGuessing gameをしました。1人の子が絵が描いてある紙を引き、ペアのお友達がLiving ThingsもしくはNo Living Thingsを推測し何の絵が描いているかを当てるゲームでした。紙を引いていないお友達は、その描かれてた物を当てるためにいろんな質問をしました。 それは息をしている?動く?成長する? 繁殖しる?水とご飯が必要?そしてお友達みんなが正解することが出来ました🧐

On Thursday, we had our first Formative Assessment in this unit. We were tasked to sort the pictures whether they were living or non-living things. We asked ourselves if each object had the characteristics of living things so we could sort them correctly.

木曜日にはLiving Things と No Living Thing形成的評価を行いました。色んな絵が描いてあるシートを切り取り、その絵はLiving ThingかNo Living Thingsかを振り分けていき、シートへ貼って行きました📜✂

To end the week, we did a very interesting activity. We usually see plants in soil but today, we planted a secret type of flower bulb in water. We didn’t imagine that we can plant in water! Ms. Rose said it’s a secret flower bulb and we would find out what it is as it grows and bears flowers in the next few weeks. We can’t wait to see what it is!

金曜日は素敵なアクティビティーをしました😁 土の中の植物をよく私たちは目にしますが、今回、秘密のお花の水耕栽培をすることにしました。土じゃなくて水だけで育つなんて少し疑い深いお友達もいましたね🧐🧐🧐 どんなお花が咲き、どんな様子で成長していくか、今後とても楽しみです✨

Before we left school, we said goodbye to our baby plants. We need to change their water every three days so they will grow strong and healthy. We will take care of them as our babies.


Outdoor Playtime

It’s always fun to play outside especially when there’s snow that we can play with.



We colored our vases colorful. These vases were for our UOI project in this unit.



How about we dance and play the maracas before we start our keyboard lesson?


It was a great time to follow the rhythm while Ms. Miyuki was playing the piano.

Shooting Star group plays “ぶんぶんぶん”
Milky Way group plays “聖者が街へやってくる”

P. E.

Doing some exercise on a cold weather day is beneficial for our bodies. We’re glad we were able to do it this week!