Rainbow Nagano: “May” the force be with you

This week we are sending good energy to all of our our parents & Rainbow kids! Ready or not, here we come! The knowledge of the weather should be learned since it related to our daily lives. An umbrella is necessary if it is rainy so that we won’t get wet and the Teru Teru Bozu is always a sign of wishing a good weather every day so that we can play outside! Therefore, the Rainbow kids had their craft lesson on the weather doll (or Teru Teru Bozu) & DIY umbrella this week!

To kick start the lesson, first we were divided into 2 groups (DIY Teru teru bozu & umbrella group) so that we can take turn to make each craft. For the Teru teru bozu group, we first asked them to roll the newspaper into ball shape (that is the head of the doll), then each of them inserts the paper ball into a plastic bag. After we tied up the bag, we started to color & design the doll. Some of us also included the face features such as eyes, nose, mouth, hair and etc. The Rainbow kids were really creative in this, bright & cheerful Teru teru bozu completed! For the DIY umbrella, we first put on the paint prevention wear, pick the favourite water colors, and design all you can. Check out these umbrellas, aren’t they cute? The umbrellas & Teru teru bozu are now displayed in our classroom, let’s wish for good weather every day!


The Rainbow have accomplished another achievement this month! They were able to eat their lunch by themselves. How Amazing! We were able to prepare our own water bottle, put on apron, wait patiently for the foods, use the utensils and clean our table after eating. These pictures are the evidence of them having their lunch at ISN, Yum, Yum, Yummy! Indeed, they are growing each day of their lives. Keep it up!
自分たちで、水筒を取りに行き席につく、お箸、フォーク、スプーンをランチバックから出し、エプロンを自分でつけて他のお友達が準備し終わるのを待つことができ、大きな声で“lunch please” “いただきますthank you for the food”と言えるようになりました。他にも以前は先生達に食べるのを手伝ってもら事が多かったですが、最近は自分で最後まで食べ、お皿の片付けもできる様になってきました。これからも少しずつゆっくりと自分でできる事を増やしていこうね!

Little updates from the walking practice, we are so proud to announce that All the Rainbow kids have passed the walking training! The teachers were able to evaluate their walk this week and we were amazed by their performance. Each of them holds their rope tightly, face forward, listen to the teachers, walk on the white line, raise their hands when crossing the road, stop when the vehicle is coming our way, and enjoyed the walk! This week the teachers witnessed their responsibility of taking care of themselves and other people. For the reward, Play time!
お散歩中は色々な発見もあります!虫をみつけたり、お花を見つけFlower、大きなトラックをみつけてBig trackと自然と口から英語がでてくるようになりました。今回は、公園の少し近くまでお散歩することができました。

Rainbow kids: Park! Wait for us, we are coming!

This is our last week to review our monthly theme: Animals. Once again, we asked each of them to practice the pronunciation of each animal, and they have to tell the name of their selected animals. They really did a good job on this. We will move on to a new theme next week: Our body parts! Until next time, See ya!