The funny face! – Shooting Star 1/11- 1/14

The shooting star class has made faces that can launch a thousand laughs – Fukuwarai.

As part of their craft for the month, the children made their template of the fukuwarai face and its part. They drew, cut, and play the game and tried their best to put the parts in their respective place.

The Phonics activity this week was a lot of fun. They were tasked to practice applying all blending sounds and digraphs that they have been learning in the past by reading words and finding out what blending sound or digraph that word has. They wrote all the words on a card and had so much fun diving in their favorite books and hunt words with different blending sounds.

We will do more activities like this to sharpen their reading, searching, and writing skills more.

We read another decodable book this week: A nap and a map. The book mostly had words that have a short /a/ sound. The book was a piece of cake for the students to read, so we thought of incorporating another word search activity to engage them and enjoy the book more: They were tasked to look for the words that have a short /a/ sound and encircle them. This activity did not just show their good ability to read, but also reflected their love for phonics.
リーディングでは新しいRAZブックを読み、/a/の短いサウンドを練習しました。この本を音読するのはみんなにとって簡単すぎたようなので、他のアクティビティを追加することにしました。みんなは短いサウンドの/a/が入った単語全てに丸をつけました。何個か見落としてしまった子どももいましたが、このアクティビティもPiece of cake(超簡単!)だったようです笑

We have finally started the unit and had our prior knowledge this week. We asked the question: What do you think is a non-living thing?
今週から新しいユニットが始まりました。Unit 4 世界はどのように機能しているのかー世界の仕組み)では「エコシステム」について学んでいきます。エコシステムの大切さを知るために、エコシステムとは何なのか、その中に共存する生物・無生物について、そして生物がエコシステムに及ぼす影響などを約3カ月かけて探求していきます。そして中心となるねらいは「エコシステム私たちの生活に欠かせないものである。」です。まずはLOI1生物・無生物のエコシステムとの関係性を考えていきます。一番初めに子どもに質問をしました。「無生物って何だと思う?」この質問が子どもたちの事前知識を知るためのPrior Knowledge Assessmentの質問になります。子どもたちはヒントなしで一生懸命考えました。

The thinking skills of the students were all honed in the introduction presentation by exposing them to different concepts, ideas, and vocabulary and making them think about the world around them. We used songs, pictures, and videos to help the students grasp the idea easier. As advanced as the subject could be, the lessons were designed to make sure that the learning experience of the students will be enjoyable and unforgettable.
子どもたちに再び聞きました「無生物って何?」みんなはすでに学んだ知識を活用し、質問に答えることができました。このアクティビティでは、教室内の無生物を探し出しました。椅子、帽子、服、おもちゃなど色々な「Man -made」(人間が作り出したもの)を探すことができました👏

We will dig in more for more information and learn many things about the ecosystem in the coming days. We look forward to discovering how the world works!

See you all in the next blog! Stay warm and healthy! 🙂