Who We Are – Shooting Star May 25 – 28

What makes us happy, makes who we are!

Shooting star has started their last and final Line of Inquiry for this unit. This time, the class is inquiring about the importance of FAMILY BONDING in our lives!

To have a bold understanding of the third line of inquiry, the students started to think of what makes them happy first; They identified some things that make them happy and drew them on the worksheet. After that, we had a class discussion and shared some of the student’s work, and have the class guessed whose work that might be. The whole class had fun while identifying who their classmates were by looking at their drawings.

After showing them some ways for a family to bond, the students shared how their own family bonds by drawing: Some of them said that they bond by jogging together, walking in the park, camping, swimming, and many more. Drawing is a nice practice for them on how to express whatever is inside their heads and heart. We look forward to more drawing activities.

For Math, we compared numbers and identified which number is more and less. They used pompoms and ice cream cones templates to count and compare the numbers. They easily got the concept and aced the activity.

For Phonics, We clapped and Counted! Our lesson was to identify the number of Syllables of a certain word. We used a worksheet and worked on the answer as a class. As we go along and move forward doing the worksheet, their faces got brighter and happier. It showed that they understood the lesson and is ready for more. We will practice harder in the coming days to prepare them to be good word scientists.

For their writing practice this week, they wrote the letters G and H. It’s amazing that they get faster and faster in identifying the letters they are studying. They can easily say if it’s a consonant or a vowel and whether it is a small letter, a tall letter, or a hanging letter. Their friendship with letters is getting deeper every day.

We were not able to walk to Nanbu park this week because of the bad weather, but the fun did not leave our class. During their free time, the kids played with playdough, had more playtime, outside and inside the classroom, and even had a chance to use special Japanese paper to make flowers. Even with bad weather, they can’t be stopped from enjoying their time at school!

Time flies and the unit is reaching its end, with the activities that Shooting Star students have been doing, It is palpable that they are getting to know themselves better and with the help of these activities, at the end of the unit, they will be confident to say to the world, who they truly are!

Have a blessed weekend, everyone!