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なぜ2歳から?? Why do we start from 2 years old?





ステップ1 ISN2歳児クラス (ここからスタートします)

  • 英語を聞く力、理解する力を、日常の活動、遊びの中で自然に身につけます。文字を見たとき、フォニックスの第一サウンドを認識し、文字と音をリンクして自然に発音します。

ステップ2 ISN3歳児クラス、年少さん

  • ちょっとおかしな英語で、話し始めます。2歳児クラスで養ったフォニックスの文字を発音しながら、なぞり書きが始まります。

ステップ3 ISN4歳児クラス、年中さん

  • 詳細の表現、豊かな表現の英語を話しだします。年少さんクラスで書けるようになった文字を合わせて、単語を作ります。単語を集めて文章を書くこと、読むことが出来るようになります。本が読めるようになるので、この年から本の持ち帰りが始まります。

ステップ4 ISN5歳児クラス、年長さん

  • 本を読む速さも、話し言葉も飛躍的にレベルアップする年長さん。長い文章を作ることが出来るので、週末にしたこと、観察の記録、研究結果報告、読書感想文などを書いて、話したり発表してくれたりします。










Why does the ISN program begin at the age of 2? A numerous number of skills is developing in this period, but for now let’s only look at the state of learning English.

As you know, the development of the brain at an early age is remarkable. The approximate flow of acquisition of English during the ISN preschool program is as follows:


Step 1: ISN 2-year-old class (starting from here)

The children acquire the ability to listen and understand English naturally through their daily activities, mainly playtime. When they see a character, they can recognize its sound, and link letters and sounds together naturally.

Step 2: ISN 3-year-old class

The children start talking in English, whether it is a little strange or not. They are starting to write down the characters for the phonic sounds they have started learning during the 2-year-old class.

Step 3: ISN 4-year-old class

The children speak good English, expressing details and using rich expressions. They use the letters learned in previous years to make up words. They are able to connect words, write full sentences and read texts. Since they are able to read books, from this year they also get to take reading books home.

Step 4: ISN 5-year-old class

The speed of reading and speaking is increased dramatically. Since the students are now able to form long sentences, they write about their weekend, observations, report on their own research etc.


Even if above mentioned pertains only to English, the children are training various skills throughout their lessons, such as music, motor skills, drama, art, communication skills, proper eating habits, enthusiasm etc., as a way of leading a balanced life.


ISN children are always praised as being cool and confident. I feel happy every time I hear compliments like those. 🙂


After entering the ISN Elementary school, the children’s interests and curiosity grow even wider. Through inquiring even deeper, spending more time with other students and enjoying activities that they worked on themselves, they get to express themselves through even more wonderful ways. The reason we at ISN start to learn already at the age of 2 is to completely match the growth of the baby’s body and mind. This makes the children’s learning as natural as possible, on par with English native speaker children. That’s why ISN’s children’s English is so confident.

For ISN, English is something that comes from general learning, not the goal of learning, but just one of the tools to use in learning. “Heart and personality” is the key to learning English at ISN, starting from age 2.