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フィンランド大使館にて、チームミーティング! Meeting with The TEAM FINLAND!

2018年5月22日、フィンランド大使館 商務部、文化部、教育部のチームとISNからはJimmy(イギリス人)と栗林が参加しミーティングがありました。





フィンランドチームのフォーカスは1) 文化、2) サイエンスと3) 高等教育と言いながら、日本の教育システムを何とかするためにはと、幼児児童教育だって最良のチームで全力サポートしたいという提案が、さらっと頂けるフレキシビリティー。





On May 22nd, ISN representative Jimmy Hoyle and me had a meeting with the representatives of the Finnish Embassy in Japan, mainly the workgroup focused on finance, economy, culture and education.

Being able to talk about education and share our ideas was truly a dream come true for me, as you all know how persistently I like talk to talk about Finland and their education system.

Going in the meeting, I had a feeling that there would be a lot of women on the team… I was correct! I had a feeling all of them would be wearing colourful clothes… Another correct answer! I imagined that, instead of simply talking, we would actually make progress on concrete plans. I wasn’t disappointed in that regard either.

Overall, I was very impressed by our efforts. I am positive that we will be able to move forward with this project together. Jimmy jokingly said that while he doesn’t know many Finnish people, his impression of the Finns is now very positive.

The focus of the Finnish team’s work is culture, science and higher education. They want to support flexible learning from a young age. Of course this includes English, five or six foreign languages, art from an early age, individuality, cooperation.

It felt good to know we share the same ideas. Now let’s get to work!