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世界一の贅沢! :) The world top class luxury! :)

5月のSaturday Programme、国営公園のガイドさんに公園を案内してもらいました。動物の足跡、分、鳥の声を聞きながら、動物たちがどの様に生活しているか、写真付きで説明してもらいました。




15分おしゃべりしながら進み、森の先に出てきた、乳川渓流の美しいこと…! 真っ青な空の下、木漏れ日が反射し、どの角度からも秘境のような写真映えのする景色です。グリーンとブルーの美しい水の色と、真っ白な川の砂、勇ましく優しい色の大きな岩…! 一日中遊んでいたい! *ここで川遊びが出来るようになるのは7月8月だそうです。






「それが日常」の生活を送ることが出来る子供達は、本当に贅沢。幸せです。いったい何人の地元の人が、気が付いているのでしょう? :)



As part of the ISN Saturday Program in May, a national park guide introduced us to the park. They used pictures to explain the life of animals while we were listening to the singing of the birds and looking at animals’ footsteps

Since the national park encompasses an entire mountain, there are also many places that I haven’t yet gone too. Today we were introduced to a new route for the first time. It was such a fresh experience to be guided along this route for everyone in our group, from 4 year olds to adults.

While talking idly for about fifteen minutes, we slowly arrived to the Mikawa river stream. The sunlight and the blue sky are beautifully reflected on the river’s surface. The beautiful green and blue colour of the river, the white river sand, gentle big rocks… We wanted to play there all day! It seems that in July and August, the children are actually allowed to play in the river.

A lot of people from outside of the prefecture came as well since it’s nice to hide away in the shade during the warm months. Soon, it was time for snack. And what better place to have it than the lush green, calming area around the river. It’s very easy to spend an exciting time with children in nature. I felt calmer as well.

I have returned to Matsumoto from my overseas life of seven years. In a place that was always dear to my heart, now I can play with my children as well. While playing on the mountain bike course again today, I realized how lucky we are that this extravagant Shinshu nature is right in our backyards.

When I developed global learning policies with foreign teachers, we all excitedly talked about nice overseas nature. Switzerland, New Zealand, beaches of various countries… The cleanliness of the nature of Shinshu is not ruined by a single piece of trash. Both the toilet and the surrounding facilities are maintained and the hospitality of the locals is world class! This is what we would, visiting a foreign country, call luxur

Our children can live this life of luxury every day!. How many of us locals have noticed this so far? 😀