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「こんな小学生見たことない! :)」”I’ve never seen such children before! :)”

Saturday Programmeでお世話になったある方から頂いた、ISNの生徒達へのコメントです。小学生のみならず、プレスクール生も多く参加していましたが 😄










These are the comments I have received by a guide in the park while taking care of ISN students during the Saturday program. Not only elementary school students, but also many preschool students were participating 😄

She said to our students;
“You are so active!”
“I have never had so many questions!”
“Both your Japanese and English skills are amazing!”

She told me her own grand-child is asked to a special class in her elementary school.

“…which is strange to me as My grand child does her homework at home alright and speaks fine.”
” I was really surprised when I heard them mention special classes.”

Some children have the personality type that doesn’t fit very well with the concept of collective behaviour. They want to do what they want to do freely, to have a happy time and to help others in their group as much as they can. The more you see the individuality of a child, the more you notice that doing that same activity or a task is impossible for a group of 33 people at once. We need to increase the number of trained teachers and provide activities that benefit each individual in a small group.

For example, the 2nd and 5th graders of ISN’s Upper Elementary Class have their basic twelve tasks (mathematics, typing, making presentations, making newspapers, gardening, exchanging library books, journals, unit learning). Within 1 hour and 30 minutes, each student needs to arrange their own time and proceed with their own responsibilities individually. Even if the teacher does not continually give instructions to every student, the system works.

In order to prepare a learning environment that values each child’s individuality, I think that the reform needs to start from the place where children learn, the school.

It was a pleasure to enjoy the positive atmosphere of the people meeting our children for the first time. 😊