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インターナショナルスクールの先生 Teachers in an International School



外国人は日本のルールを守れない、という声を聞いたことがあります。日本で働きたいと考える段階で、親日家ですよね。ISNにいる外国人の先生達は、日本のルールを守れない人たちが苦手です:) 何人かのISNの外国人講師は、

  • 日本人よりも、話し方が婉曲。(ごめん、ちょっと時間とってもいいかな、忙しい時に悪いね、…このペン借りてもいい? ありがとう、すぐ返すから、忙しい所じゃましてごめんね!)
  • 日本人よりも、時間を守る。(待ち合わせの30分、1時間前は、早すぎませんか?)
  • 日本人よりも、日本の歴史に詳しい。(野口英世がプリンストン大学に在学していたって知っていました?)
  • 日本人よりも、食育に強い。(栄養素のバランス、野菜中心生活、豆腐の話題で盛り上がるとか。)
  • 日本人よりも、律儀。(週末旅行に行ってお土産を買う習慣をISNに根付かせたのは外国人の先生達。1回目は温泉饅頭 :)。)
  • 日本人よりも、日本の教育のあり方を心配している。




The teachers who wish to become a part of ISN are different from teachers who usually apply for jobs in international schools in big cities.

One one hand, they show great interest in Japan’s countryside, nature and people. Many international school teachers see Japan as just a part of their trip, after which they will go to Italy, then to Dubai, for example. On the other hand, ISN teachers are fascinated by Japan and tend to stay in Nagano prefecture’s mountains, nature and among its people for a longer period of time.

I have heard that foreigners living in Japan often have trouble following the rules, but if they are at a stage where they want to work in Japan, they are already Japanophiles. The ISN teachers are not very good with the type of people who can’t follow the rules.

I often say that ISN teachers speak more euphemistically than some Japanese (“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry if it’s a bad time, but would you mind if I borrow this pen? Thank you very much, I will try to return it as soon as possible!”), they are more punctual than some Japanese (coming to meetings 30 minutes or an hour before the schedules time), they are more familiar with Japanese history than some Japanese people (“Did you know that Hideyo Noguchi was studying at Princeton University?”), they are much more interested in food than some Japanese people (the topic of nutritional value of tofu and vegetables always raises the group’s excitement), they are more conscientious than some Japanese people (they made a habit of always buying souvenirs when going on weekend trips), they are more interested in the education of the Japanese than some Japanese.

They will be here for a long time to support our children and at the same time, ISN will be here to support them.