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小学部児童が作った新聞の紹介 The Newspaper made by The Upper Elementary Class



Nations of the world share a common desire to make our planet Earth a better place.



これまでより上達しているスキルの例: 情報を得たとき早く手書きでキーワードをメモに取る、メモにみられるキーワードをもとに、自分で文章をノートに下書きをして文章を作り、新聞用に適切な文章構成し、スクリーンを見ないようにタイプして、最終的にコンピュータのデータとして記事をまとめるなど。発表は、自信をもって自分の言葉で(文章を見ることなく)話すことが出来、もちろん語彙力も飛躍的に身についています。クラスには編集者役がいて、内容が良くない、文字数が多すぎるとやり直しです。1年生から使い慣れているコンピュータを使い、2年生から児童達は自分たちで探した写真は情報がいつでも使える状態に自分のフォルダーに整理します。担任やアシスタント、プログラムのコーディネーターは、自分たちのコンピュータから児童達のファイル(ポートフォリオ)に入り、児童達のリサーチがどこまで進んでいるか、ライティングの様子はどうか、児童達の学びへの興味はどんな事かなど、学びの進度を確認することが出来ます。


As part of the International Baccalaureate PYP program, the studies of ISN students are separated into 4 to 6 Units of Inquiry per year. In an effort to show their understanding of the first Unit studied this year, the Upper Elementary Class (five 2nd graders, nine 3rd grades, one 4th grader and one 5th grader), completed their own newspaper. As the Unit centers around helping the communities around the World and sharing your findings with them, we thought there may be readers interested in the online version of the newspaper as well.

The first central idea of 2018 for the class was: Nations of the world share a common desire to make our planet Earth a better place.

Exploring the Unit concepts and ideas accounts for about 70 to 80% of the students’ class time at ISN. In this unit, each student worked on various case studies while reading books, watching videos, taking walks, using Internet for research purposes, discussing and interviewing their friends. An article summarizing each of these activities was written by the students and featured in the newspaper.

Students showed avid skills in coming up with their own writing. Having got the information needed from an outside source, the students would write up a memo by hand. Based on their notes, they constructed sentences and wrote them in the appropriate article form using computers. They also practiced vocabulary in speaking skills by presenting their own findings orally, without reading the sentences. The children also took the role of the editor themselves, correcting any mistakes with the help of their teachers.

Every Elementary class student in ISN has their own computer that they use starting from Grade 1. Starting from Grade 2, the students have their own folders in which they put any work or notes they think are important or may be useful later. The homeroom teacher, assistant teacher and program coordinator can all access the students folder in order to look at their progress, what topics are the children interested in, etc.