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探求の学びって? What is Inquiry Based Learning?

ISN、IB (PYP:プライマリー イヤーズ プログラム)の学びの中心は、1年に4つまたは6つのユニットと呼ばれる「探求の学び(UOI: Unit of Inquiry)」。



  1. どんな人間なんだろう?
  2. どんな時代で、どんな場所にいる?
  3. どんな風に表現する?
  4. どんな風に世界は機能する?
  5. どんな風に世界は組織されている?
  6. どうやって世界をシェアする?













「セントラルアイディア」と呼ばれるテーマのコンセプトを理解することが、1ユニットでの目的。そのために、関連する算数や、芸術、読み書きなどのアカデミックな、また社会的スキルが磨かれます。英語も、ISN生にとってそれは、発表、情報のシェア、振り返り、計画、学び全てのための、ツールであり、笑顔と自信の糧 🙂  ISN生の英語の強さと自信は、他の分野の学びに直結します。









IB (PYP: Primary Years Program), the educational program ISN is based around, is comprised of 4 to 6 UOIs (Units of Inquiry) a year. Each unit has a theme:

Who we are
Where we are in time and place
How we express ourselves
How the world works
How we organize ourselves
Sharing the planet

Accordingly, ISN students aged 3 to 6 will also learn 4 to 6 themes a year, corresponding to the units. For example, family, water, animals, weather, electricity, recycling, occupations,…

The theme is always linked to school subjects as well, such as reading and writing, mathematics, science, music, art, physical education,  geography, chemistry, history,…

Everything the children learned in the unit is connected to the previous unit and will be connected to the following unit. The children’s understanding expands every day.


ISN teachers recognize that they are not simply instructors, but facilitators. They help and guide the children in learning on their own. They provide an environment which combines learning and play in a way that caters to each child’s individuality and strength.


The purpose of each unit is understanding the “central idea” of the unit, a concept behind the theme that is important to learn. Through that understanding process, mathematics, art, reading and writing skills are refined. As for English, for ISN students it is a tool they use for sharing their feelings, information, wishes and plans. Their great understanding of English is merely a result of using it while learning other disciplines. Learning should reflect our society, where in every situation we found ourselves in, various subjects are interlinked in various ways.


That way, each individual ISN child can enjoy the world in their own individual ways. 🙂