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Upper Elementary class was featured in the Shinanomainichi morning newspaper today!

Our Upper Elementary class made their own newspaper “I Spot News” as a consolidation of their learning from their first Unit of Inquiry.
The central idea of the first Unit is “Nations of the world share a common desire to make our planet Earth a better place.”
Upper Elementary Class student Taro Y. wrote about endangered species of animals and shared his ideas on how we can protect them and thus make the world a better place, connecting the things he is interested in (animals) with the Unit contents and central idea.
Please take a look at the fantastic newspaper made by our students. ↓↓↓

アッパーエレメンタリークラスが、セントラルアイディア『世界の国々は、地球をより良い星にしたいという共通の願いを持つ』の最初の探求の概念(Unit of Inquiry)のまとめとして作成した英字新聞『I Spot News』が信濃毎日新聞社に掲載されました。