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Baking lesson with Ms. Keiko

On last Friday, October 19th, ISN afternoon program teacher Ms. Keiko had a baking lesson with the afternoon program Milky Way and Rainforest students. Under instruction and careful supervision from Ms. Keiko, the young ones enjoyed making their own dough, putting it in the oven, watching the cookies bake and eating the yummy cookies themselves, as well as sharing them with their friends. Don’t they look like they are having so much fun?

10月19日(金)、ISNの夕方保育けいこ先生がミルキーウェイとレインフォレストの夕方保育に参加の子どもたちへお菓子教室を開いてくれました! けいこ先生の優しい親切な指示のお陰で、みんなクッキー作りを楽しんでいました!生地を作り、オーブンに入れて焼き上がりを楽しみに待つ子どもたち。自分で作ったクッキーをお友だちと分け合いながら美味しそうに食べていました。とっても楽しそうだね!