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ISN Eiken successful examinees appeared in MG press local newspaper!

MGプレスに、ISN生の英検合格者が掲載されました。🎖 毎日、スクールで英語で過ごしディスカッションも多く行っているため、リスニングやスピーキングは日々のスクールでやっていることと同じなので簡単だったとの生徒の声が聞けました。

We are glad to share the news that three additional Grade 2 and Grade3 students have comfortably passed the Eiken Grade 2 test in November, which is equivalent to the english level of a high school graduate. They said that the listening and speaking tests were easy because the test contents are pretty much similar to what they have been learning and doing within class activities at ISN. Congratulations!