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Congratulations to Grade 3 student’s achievement!

小学部 グレード3 山ノ井太郎くんが、全日本スキー連盟公認スキーバッジテストテクニカルプライズテストに合格しました!🎊

毎年約4000名がテクニカルプライズテストにチャレンジしており、テクニカルプライズテストの過去3年間の 合格率平均は11.5%だそうです。

Taro YAMANOI who is our Grade 3 student passed the ski badge test “technical prize” authorized by SKI ASSOCIATION OF JAPAN. Approximately 4000 people try to take the technical prize test every year. Average pass rate of the technical prize is 11.5% for the past three years. A personnel from the SKI ASSOCIATION OF JAPAN said that it is very rare that Grade 3 students pass the technical prize test. We are so proud of him and look forward to his future success!