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One of the most important program “Building up children’s bodies” in ISN

ISN children build up their physique throughout the year.

Every month all students, from nursery to upper class, walk 10km.

  • Swimming
  • Gym
  • Practice for sports festival
  • Play and exercise in the park
  • Other outdoor exercise opportunities

Here is a message from our gymnastic teachers.

<Matsumoto Campus>NPO Wing (rhythmic gymnastics) Deputy director Mr. Nishizawa,


It’s very important for children to be active and move their bodies in a various range of movements. These movements are basic actions such as running, walking, standing, sitting etc. daily as well as nondaily actions such as handstand, walking backwards, crawl on all fours and have exercise mixing both static and non-static movements. By moving your body consciously, all body parts can be stimulated which enables our hands and legs to stretch further and enables our bodies to adapt in various environments we encounter in our daily life.

=ISN Gym program=

PE teacher, who is a specialist of rhythmic gymnastics, will teach them how to move all of bodies in a balanced manner. This will be focusing on building a flexible body capable of symmetrical movement and various other actions. In addition, we will have activities using various sport equipment. Children can learn good spatial awareness by exercising with the sport equipment. Furthermore, they can enjoy playing with balls, tag, etc. which have easy to understand rules. All of this can contribute to developing a healthy and capable body.

=Cooperative work between ISN and ISN students’ parents=

It is important for teachers and parents to have physical contact with their children. For example, taking a walk with a dog, catching a ball, etc. are some examples of physical contact. Parents taking an active role in their children’s exercise/play, will have a great effect in motivating the child.

NPO ALL ROUND GYMNASTICS CLUB Wing is promoting sports in Chushin(central) area in Nagano prefecture.

<Nagano Campus>Mr. Kariya from NPO Kita-Shinshu gymnastics club


Gymnastics is the fundamental of all sports. Only gymnastics uses all body parts among all the sports. You can learn how to manage your body through apparatus gymnastics. If your body can gain flexibility, you won’t get injured when you fall down or jump from somewhere that might be a little high. Also, if you build up your core strength, you can have good posture and your back and legs can be strong, and it will be less likely to become over weight.

=ISN Gym program=

Children between the age 5 to 8 are called “Pre-golden age” which is a time when they have quick growth and flexible bodies, so it is the best time to good fundamentals to keep theirs bodies growing in a positive direction. It is very good to focus on specific sports they have interest in. However, the important thing is to remember that all sports require dedication to build a strong core for the body first. During gym lessons at ISN, we would like them to use their hands and feet in a balanced manner. Also, we want to let them practice exercises such as calisthenics “hand cart”, cart wheel, jump boxes, bridges etc.

=Cooperative work between ISN and ISN students’ parents=

It would be good to do stretching, physical exercise, or radio gymnastics at home or anywhere when you go out. In daily play, if you crawl on all fours, cleaning the floor by wiping with your hands, jumping with both feet, hopscotch, balancing exercises, like one leg stand, will improve core strength.

Mr. Kariya

Nakano-shi sports promotion committee

OB of Japan Sports Science College, Gymnastic section

28 years’ experience of gymnastic

Japan Amateur Sports Association Type 2 referee

Japan Sports club Association, Master sports club instructor

Japan Amateur Sports Association, Sports leader

Japan Amateur Sports Association, Assistant Manager

Japan Amateur Sports Association, gymnastic coach

Good at : Floor exercises, Vault, parallel bars