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Grade 5 student has successfully passed the Eiken English language examination level 1!!!

ISN Elementary Grade 5 student Ryu Chan Yue has successfully passed the Eiken English language examination level 1. Since it’s the Level 1 exam, by name, this is a very hard test to pass. The material covered in this exam is quite difficult as the material can be vocabulary and grammar not normally used by native speakers, making it difficult to study and gauge what to expect as you prepare.  As for taking the test, this difficulty implies that most adults find passing it a hard thing to accomplish. So for our 11 year old Ryu Chan Yue to pass this test is a cause for celebration as this is a very rare event. In the future, Ryu would like to challenge himself to obtain higher scores in other English language tests, such as TOEIC and TOEFL. His ambition in the future is to become a novelist. Congratulations, Ryu!