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ISN was at MamaFes 2018!

On Saturday, November 3, the 2018 MamaFes was held in Shinmai Media Garden in Central Matsumoto. ISN participated with a very colourful booth. We shared many information about the school with the visitors and had craft workshops where the visitors could make their own Christmas cards and Christmas ornaments. Everyone showed a lot of creativity and the crafts were amazing! 🎄

ISN’s very own Upper Elementary Class students were there too. They worked very hard on helping all the children with their craft, communicating with the visitors, presenting them their newspaper and even taking the time to do a public speech on the topic of their choice. 🤩


We would like to thank all the students, their parents, the festival’s visitors and organizers for helping us have such an enjoyable day! We hope to see you at ISN soon. 😊