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Connecting the Future Together

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Expanding more children’s potential and going beyond

To create opportunities of “learning through exploration”

We need your support to provide children of all backgrounds with opportunities to explore and learn, and to realize our vision of “The world is a choice for all chuildren”. ISN use local resources such as nature, people, culture, history, climate, food, technology, and knowledge to create a learning environment that goes beyond textbooks and classrooms. We look forward to your support in our efforts to provide more communities and more children with opportunities for “learning through exploration”.

Would you like to participate in building a school?

How to make the most of your donation

Scholarship Program Maintenance

ISN offers need-based scholarships based on family and financial circumstances. We will use the scholarship to continue to provide more children with the world as a choice.

Educational Method Development

A portion of the donation is used to establish ISN’s own educational methods, including program development for reasearch-based learning, leadership training, equipment repairs, and the purchase of books and other educational materials.

Facility renovation and maintenance

Donations are used to create an educational setting for children to learn in a safe, secure and comfortable environment by repairing and improving facilities, and maintaining playground equipment, vehicles, and other equipment.

Voices from our supporters

Since its founding, we have received the support of many people and shared our thoughts.
Everyone is contributing with a variety of wishes.
We would like to introduce the voices of supporters who are involved in various ways.

Would you like to participate in building a school?

How you can support ISN.

Donate via the Internet

ISN Elementary/Middle school is a government authorized private organization and is eligible for tax credits.
You can exclude 40% of the donation amount (up to 40% of the total income) minus 2000 yen from the income tax (up to 25% of the income tax amount). You can easily support our activities by donating on the Internet.

Monthly Support

We offer a Monthly Support Program where you can support us with as little as 3,000 yen per month. This is a way to support children with your ongoing donation.

Make donation

Supported by a liberal amount of money.

This is a way for you to donate an amount that is convenient for you at the time of your choice.

Make donation

Donations by bank transfer

Please transfer the money to the following bank account. We will send you a receipt. Please contact us using the inquiry form.

Nagano Credit Union
2390 Matsumoto Sales Division
Branch No. 073 Ordinary Account 8399731 Rie Kuribayashi, President, International School of Nagano

Resona Bank, Ltd.
Matsumoto Branch 654 Ordinary 1235377 Rie Kuribayashi, President, International School of Nagano

List of Supporters