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Thank you for your interest in the International School of Nagano. ISN is an IB (International Baccalaureate) PYP (Primary Years Programme) school. At all campuses (Minami Matsumoto, Shimauchi, Nagano, Uedahara, and Ueda Kosato) we provide students of all different ages an English learning environment.

Shortly after graduating high school, I enrolled in the Bellerbys College (UK). Following that, I studied Psychology and English teaching at Birmingham University. At Birmingham’s Graduate school, I went on to earn the DBA and MBA, and then worked at a learning center, also located in the U.K. I speak English, Japanese, French and Arabic and utilized these skills while working as an international broker at an investment firm in Morocco.

In Japan, being able to speak several languages is extremely rare. However, during my work in a preschool in Casablanca, I observed that due to the high level of European immigrants, it was not uncommon for children to be able to speak several languages. At the preschool, these children would use French whilst playing soccer, Arabic in their own time, and English in their classrooms. Seeing these children being able to speak 5 or 6 languages was quite a sight to behold.

With the desire of helping children in Matsumoto to improve their English fluency, as well as giving a global learning environment with an inquiry based approach, in 2012 I founded this international teaching institution.

With my 14 years of experience in foreign adolescent education, I opened the Minami Matsumoto preschool.

ISN Representative Rie Kuribayashi

What First World Countries Lack

Slave trading, child labor, poverty, strife, discrimination. There are many children in the world who are struggling to survive day by day. But here, we are very fortunate to live in a country where we are provided with an amazing environment and potential to secure a good future for ourselves and our children.

We feel that children have a major part to play in bringing about a change in the world. We have a responsibility to use their skills and potential. ISN thinks that this change revolves around the purpose of learning. When the purpose of learning is just focused on academic achievement and grades, thinking outside of the box becomes very difficult.

An important point lies on the ability to look outside of our daily life, to the large scale of things and our ability to act and participatein changes around the world. For the students at ISN, learning is a puzzle, one that they must use their imagination to solve. ISN’s primary learning focus is “Having fun whilst preparing for the best future”. Experiences, outlook, speed, and certainty are some important factors to all learners. Children may have competitive spirits, but also a strong desire to help their peers. Here at ISN we believe that it’s important for our students to have fun while developing various skills and gaining knowledge.

Embrace Our Japanese Heritage

There are students of all different backgrounds at ISN, including children from mixed backgrounds and children with Japanese parents.

Living in Japan, our students have the special privilege of learning the Japanese language and culture firsthand. They also have a high level of proficiency in English. To people who have never had the type of experience that we provide at ISN, this kind of fluency may be hard to believe, but it comes a result of our program and is our strength here at ISN. At the heart of the IB program is arithmetic, social studies, science and the likes. Equally important however is having a great time learning!

Living and Learning in the World

Students of ISN break from the mold of passive study, and spontaneously find solutions to problems at hand. The way to changing an idea into action is found in our living environment. Fortunately, ISN is located in the beautiful prefecture of Nagano (Japan).

It’s surrounded by beautiful mountains, and rich history. From a student’s perspective, this is an ideal environment to learn and grow.

Because of our staff and network, our activities are very appealing.

We do not want children’s futures to be impaired due to a lack of English proficiency.

This desire not only applies to students, but to parents, guardians, and everyone as a matter of fact. You cannot change the world alone. If we don’t all work together it will not change. This is the message we at ISN want to share with the world.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. (Mahatma Gandhi) – That is one of our goals.

Instead of giving our students the impression that school is a troublesome task to be completed, our parents encourage their children to look forward to learning with excitement. To us at ISN, this kind of learning brings us a lot of joy. In order to continue this project and give all children everywhere various options, we ask for your aid and cooperation.

Founder / Head of school


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