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The primary school homeroom teacher at Gojo campus



職種:The primary school homeroom teacher at Gojo campus

就労場所:ISN Gojo Campus

The primary school homeroom teacher at Gojo campus

The primary school homeroom teacher (HRT) is an informed, reflective practitioner who uses inquiry learning strategies within the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Year Programme (PYP) framework to create positive learning environments which motivate and challenge all learners to become self-regulated, life-long learners and leaders. The position holder will have a commitment to planning and is responsible for taking an ownership of learning, being a role model as an IB learner, ensuring that information is disseminated and the PYP is planned, taught and assessed with support from the team.


給与 From 278,400 yen per month
勤務時間 Working hours ・Starts 8:00 ends 16:00 (*or starts 8:30 ends 16:30) ・Break: 45 minutes ・Monday to Friday (*Depends on events within the anuual calendar, there are 2-3 times that are required to work on Saturdays) Holidays ・Saturdays, Sundays, National Holidays and days appointed by the school ・Apploximately 2 weeks holidays each during summer break (Obon break) and winter break (New year break) ・Annual paid leave After 6 months of continuous service as legally stipulated

就労場所 ISN Gojo Campus
業務内容 A key focus of the primary teaching job is to enable pupils to develop their cognitive, verbal and numerical skills by encouraging them to actively participate in classroom activities through creative teaching strategies to teach the ISN curriculum which consists of the partnership program, the English language program, and the Japanese national curriculum all integrated with the IB program. As a primary school teacher, s/he'll develop schemes of work and lesson plans in line with the curriculum objectives. S/he'll facilitate learning by establishing a relationship with pupils, keeping inquiry learning resources organized and creating a positive learning environment in the classroom and beyond. Beyond the classroom, it is the job of a primary teacher to work alongside colleagues to plan and prepare schoolwork in accordance with curriculum guidelines. They also work with parents and caregivers to ensure pupils have a supportive learning environment both at home and school. This becomes especially important in these years, when primary teachers have been given the opportunity for a new way of communicating with colleagues, pupils and parents through online learning. The Primary school HRT is responsible for: ・Setting goals and objectives for the students with their parents and plan, implement the strategies and reflect. ・Facilitating inquiry ・Promoting international-mindedness in the school ・Following the school policies ・Being familiar with and promote understanding and use of all PYP documents ・Lesson planning and preparation ・Creating learning resources ・Checking pupils' work and providing feedback ・Initiating parents and teachers meeting ・Undertaking professional development ・Teaching all areas of the primary school curriculum ・Organizing the classroom and learning resources ・Creating visual, audio, written learning tools and displays to encourage a positive learning environment ・Providing feedback to parents on a pupil's progress at parents' and other meetings ・Coordinating activities and resources within a specific area of the curriculum, and supporting colleagues in the delivery of this specialist area ・Working with others to plan and coordinate work

・Has a teaching license in Japan or own country
・Fluent English speaker
・Preferably able to communicate in Japanese or willing to learn
・Preferably more than 2 years of teaching experience
・Personal Qualities

Personal Qualities
・High standards and expectations
・Sense of humour
・Flexible and adaptable
・A demonstrated and genuine liking and appreciation of children